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Saudi to spend $3 billion on roads in 2010

Saudi Arabia is planning to spend SR11.87 billion…

January 11, 2010 4:21 by

Saudi Arabia is planning to spend SR11.87 billion ($3.1 billion) on building 6,400km of new roads across the country this year, reports Arab News. “With a total expenditure of SR11.87 billion, which includes surplus from the past years, 316 road projects have been approved. The approval also includes the completion of the projects that were launched in the past years,” Transport Minister Jebara al-Seraisry told the paper.

“The budgetary allocations this year include construction of 1,721 km of agricultural and branch roads at a total cost of SR1.19 billion,” he said, adding that SR20 million ($5.3 million) was put aside for studies related to transportation.

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