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US soldiers with swine flu leave Kuwait

US soldiers with swine flu leave Kuwait

Plus, Hotel projects worth $140bn under construction in the GCC; Bangladeshi PM says that only skilled workers will go to Saudi Arabia; Inflation in Saudi to fall further in Q2; 40 percent of Ferry Dubai completed, says RTA

May 25, 2009 12:00 by

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US soldiers with swine flu leave Kuwait

Ab: Kuwaiti officials have confirmed that the flu has not…

All the eighteen US soldiers who tested positive for swine flu at an American military base in Kuwait have left the country, the deputy chief of Kuwait’s public health department, Yussef Mendkar, told <a href=”

“>AFP</a> on Sunday.<p>

“They had normal symptoms of the disease and were given the necessary medication,” he said adding that they had “no contact whatsoever with the local population.” He also reiterated that Kuwait was absolutely free of the disease.<p>

A Kuwaiti health ministry team will visit the US base on May 25 to assess the situation, says AFP.

Hotel projects worth $140bn under construction in the GCC

Ab: The region will be expecting to see more than….

The Gulf countries are currently constructing 306 new hotels, with 108,600 rooms worth in excess of $140 billion, according to a new study by research house Proleads. The study, called ‘Status of Developments in the Middle East Leisure Industry’, states that while 2009 will be a challenging year for the hotel industry, occupancy levels will pick up to 2008 levels by the end of 2010 and then accelerate with real growth by 2013.

<p>The report also says that while active cash flow is estimated to drop to below $20 billion this year, by 2011, more cash will be flowing into the industry than out of it.</p>

Bangladeshi PM says that only skilled workers will go to Saudi Arabia

Ab: She also said that the workers have to be…

Bangladesh’s Prime minister Sheikh Hasina has told the Saudi envoy, Abdullah Naser Al Bushairy that only workers with professional skills, and those conversant in Arabic will be sent to Saudi Arabia, reports <a href=”

“></a>. <p>

Hasina also told Al Bushairy that Bangladeshi workers in Saudi Arabia were happy with the outcome of her visit to Saudi in April this year.

Inflation in Saudi to fall further in Q2

Ab: The decrease is attributed to…

Inflation in Saudi Arabia which fell to 5.2 percent in April is expected to decline throughout the second quarter of this year, according to the kingdom’s central bank.”There is a general trend that indicates a continuing decline in the rate of inflation in the Saudi economy in the second quarter of 2009,” it said. While March saw an inflation rate of 6 percent as compared to 11.1 percent in July last year.<p>

Inflation rates have fallen rapidly in Saudi because of decreasing commodity prices, and the dinar’s peg to the dollar, says <a href=”


40 percent of Ferry Dubai completed, says RTA

Ab: The first phase is estimated to cost…

The Marine Agency at Dubai’s Roads & Transport Authority has said that it has completed 40 percent of phase I of the Ferry Dubai boats manufacturing process. The first phase includes manufacturing 10 boats, each with a capacity to accommodate 100 passengers, and is expected to cost AED500 million.

<p>The entire project is planned to start operations at the end of 2010. </p>

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