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A great seminar on communication AGA ADK’s “GR8 TALK”

March 22, 2009 12:00 by

Surprisingly, there was not even a single gripe or objection or even a hint of protest from the staff of AGA | ADK when they were told that they had to attend the seminar on a weekend. And the surprises didn’t stop there. Everybody was at least an hour early at the lobby of the meeting room in Dubai Marine, and eagerly anticipating the start of the seminar.

According to Loulwa, the advanced communication skills seminar was designed to introduce participants to communication theory, techniques and strategies that would help individuals develop good communication skills.

The objectives of GR8 Talk were manifold, firstly it set out to develop the necessary skills to become better communicators, understand the basic principles of interpersonal communication, apply effective ways to deal with conflict on the job, learn how to give and receive feedback in a constructive manner, identify the framework of interdepartmental communication, understand the importance of excellent internal customer service and eliminate interdepartmental communication problems.

The seminar kicked off with the simple question, why communicate? This snowballed into several topics – effective communication, principles of interpersonal communication, communication vehicles, barriers to communication and how to overcome them and non-verbal communication. The session was highly interactive with even the most reserved staff member actively participating.

Day one also tackled the behavioral styles of communication and how to deal with different personalities in an organization. The close of day revealed the secret of successful communication, “active listening”; and the importance of assertive communication.

At the end of day one staff were eager to get back the next morning, even after Professor Loulwa promised that it would be even more extensive and exhaustive. And judging from the smile on everyone’s faces, guess they didn’t mind at all.

Day two dawned and again, everybody was there bright and early for a grueling day that covered organizational communication and the various forms that existed within a company, such as formal and informal, interdepartmental and external communication. But day two was not all talk, there was at least two hours of fun and excitement as the staff were divided into groups and given roles to play that focused on giving constructive and objective feedback, and receiving feedback objectively.

A large portion of effective communication is written so a section on day two was dedicated to the written message – Loulwa covered the fine art of letter writing and note taking and writing effective emails.

The final hour of GR8 talk touched upon the strategies for effective business communication, it highlighted the nuances of interdepartmental communication and how to handle clients. The seminar culminated in the art of public speaking and presentation skills.

Roger Sahyoun, President & CEO of AGA ADK Communication Network thanked Loulwa on behalf of everyone present and promised the AGA ADK staff that they would be many more such seminars to enable them develop into better advertising professionals which would eventually benefit AGA ADK’s growing list of regional and international brands.


Established in 1997, AGA is a full service, total communications network providing innovative and effective advertising & marketing solutions. Boasting an enviable mix of regional and multinational clients the network has offices across the Middle East in Abu Dhabi, Amman, Beirut, Dubai, Jeddah and Riyadh including an independent PR & Events arm called “PenCell.”

Asatsu-DK started out in 1956 with a staff of four. Today, nearly 50 years on, the network has grown to become Japan’s third-largest advertising agency and the ninth largest in the world. In 1998 ADK formed a strategic alliance with the WPP group and continues to maintain a strong collaboration with the other WPP group companies.

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