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Advanced Sales Course in Dubai April 10th, 11th 20122

Advanced Sales Course in Dubai April 10th, 11th 20122

SELLING SKILLS EMPOWERMENT, a new training programme in dubai to create sales champions

February 29, 2012 12:00 by

Dubai is the international capital of shopping, trade and commerce; thousand of sales are made every second, generating an enormous amount of revenue.

Millions of people are involved in this process and whether they are aware of it or not, it makes them performers.

What do performers-whether in art, business or sport-have in common?

They need constant training and coaching to reach consistent peak results!

Carlo Pignataro, sales expert and coach with over 15 years experience in the consumer and luxury goods sector in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America, has created a training programme designed to empower the selling skills of each participant through an innovative mix of techniques, new concepts, exercises and real life examples.

Working with global premium brands and companies like Gucci, Damiani, Luxottica, Al Tayer Group, De Beers, Swarovski and many others, Carlo has learned that the secret of success in sales is determination, consistency and uncompromised quality of service.

"I coach sales people the same way a football or a basketball coach would with his team: I create a vivid image of success in their mind, I give them exercises to perform and I push their limits to show them how far they can go with sales," Carlo says.

In fact, unlike many other careers, a career in sales is mainly based on performance and the market is always very eager to reward sales champions.

In a market that changes at the speed of light, sales people must possess the ability to always collect new and fresh information and must have a deep understanding of human behaviour in order to anticipate their clients' needs.

Sales champions know that sales is a ever changing process and that success is achieved by their determination to grow and interpret market signals; they focus on providing added value to their customers and never settle for an average business experience.

Global companies like Luxottica have understood that effectively training their sales team is an investment that pays back in terms of reputation, clients' loyalty and, of course, business growth!

The advanced course SELLING SKILLS EMPOWERMENT will be offered for the 1st time in Dubai on April 10th and 11th 2012, at the Al Futtaim Training Centre.

Two full days -over 14 hours of training- will be relentlessly focused on active listening, methodologies to understand clients' needs and collect strategic information about them, techniques to close deals and build clients' loyalty, language patterns to engage listeners, body language, problem solving and much more.

The course is addressed to sales professionals in FMCG and luxury goods, finance, insurance, real estate, media & advertising, automotive, personal and corporate services, tourism & hospitality, B2B and wholesale trading.

For info and booking visit or contact Ibd Group, Dubai Airport Free Zone, 3rd East Wing Building, 4th floor Regus, P.O. Box 54620, Dubai – UAE.

Phone +971 04 2149042 Fax +971 04 2149501 Email: [email protected]

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