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AGA | ADK rolls out aggressive new corporate strategy, “We’re on!”

January 19, 2009 12:00 by

Regional management meeting served as platform for launch of  “We’re on.”
Every market is a challenge. Every initiative is a challenge. Every consumer is a challenge. Every product is a challenge. Every brand is a challenge.
AGA | ADK is on.
AGA | ADK, an international communication network, has launched a brand new, aggressive attitude that shows the region and the world  that the network has, is and always will be ready to face a challenge, big or small.
“We’re On” is the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in the history of this 12-year old international agency network.
This new attitude means that AGA | ADK will readily roll up its sleeves whenever there’s a need to assist its clients and brands to tackle any challenge and to aid its staff no matter what. It also means they are always ready to go that extra mile in everything they do.
The best thing about “We’re On” is its instant appeal both internally and externally. According to Roger Sahyoun, “We were looking for a shift in attitude, something that would project our never-say-die personality and attitude, something that would make AGA | ADK future-proof. A change that would start internally and have a ripple effect to our suppliers and clients! “We’re On” was spot on! It slips off the tongue with ease and, therefore, easily lodges in our brains. Even more so, it captures as briefly as possible the essence of our brand promise.”
Besides capturing the corporate philosophy of grit, determination and passion “We’re On” sets out to strike an emotional tone as well.
The whole agency is abuzz with a renewed sense of urgency that could be smelt in the air.
“When a client has a challenge, we’re there working with him to solve it. When a staff member has an issue, we’re right by their side to take care of it. It’s a multi-dimensional promise that works on all fronts” echoes Danny Oneissi, Regional Director of AGA | ADK.

According to Edan Aggarao, Regional Creative Director “We’re On” speaks to everyone who has ever doubted about AGA | ADK’s capabilities, and silences those who wonder whether we are actually up for the challenge.”
From an agency’s perspective, the line was gold. It summed up AGA | ADK’s image concisely and memorably for clients and staff. And it drew lasting admiration from marketing experts.
Getting a first glimpse of the “We’re On” promise were the regional directors of   AGA | ADK at the recently concluded “High-5”, regional management meeting held in Beirut.
Chaired by Roger Sahyoun, AGA | ADK CEO & President, this three-day rendezvous charted an aggressive, extensive and exhaustive growth plan for the international agency network. The agenda was multi-tiered with avenues for network growth topping the chart.
So why High-5? According to Roger, “The next 5 years are the most crucial for network development. After which, there’s a possibility of business growth stagnating across the GCC.”
Hogging the limelight at the meeting was the announcement of the formation AGA | ADK Holding Group. Under which, companies such as AGA | ADK Advertising & Marketing, Pencell PR & events and E-AGA will complement each other in the various segments of business.
Roger outlined specific growth strategies for every office based on individual market evaluation and behavior. And simultaneously laid out the action plan for new offices that will be opening soon in the region.
AGA | ADK’s has set out to strengthen its regional network by enhancing its inter-office networking abilities. And that includes installing video conferencing and the latest communication technology that interconnects all regional offices by extension numbers. This, by the way is the latest technology sweeping the globe. The creation of a common file sharing system will facilitate the exchange of ideas and keep the network abreast of the latest happenings in every office. Creative, account planning, media and client servicing teams will now be able to share their product experience with each other without the hassles.
“Although the investment is quite considerable I assure you that its well worth it as it will streamline the process between offices and will enable Dubai to play its role of Regional HQ to the hilt” comments Roger.
Besides technological investments, the regional management meeting rolled out plans to invest in its people. AGA | ADK believes in people development and part of the staff motivational programs and sessions that have been developed will include flying in professionals from the UK and Singapore.

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