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Applied Scientific Research Fund honors Scientific Competition winners

January 16th, 2012 Amman - Applied Scientific Research Fund (ASRF) honored the winners of its Scientific Competition for the best scientific research and best viable projects offered by students at Jordanian Universities during 2011.

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Applied Scientific Research Fund (ASRF) honored the winners of its Scientific Competition for the best scientific research and best viable projects offered by students at Jordanian Universities during 2011. 
Held under the patronage of His Excellence Samih Darwazah at the Royal Scientific Society of Jordan (RSS), the inauguration ceremony included a session outlining the scientific research development methods in Jordan, highlighting the necessity of utilizing from the experience of the advanced countries and involving the private and public organizations in scientific research development programs.
Darwazah honored the students of the Hashemite University who came first and second, The German Jordanian University came third, while the fourth and fifth awards were secured by Jordan University of Science and Technology, and Yarmouk University respectively. 
In spite of the extravagant variety of domains of expertise within the participants, who came from Technology and Engineering backgrounds, they invariably were characterized by their viability and strength in identifying solutions to many issues and problems. 
It is worth mentioning that the project’s idea for the first award was a design and execution of a modern transportation with two wheels, quite similar to the Sigway, but designed and manufactured in Jordan. 
In his comment, Darwazah talked about the necessity to create a new environment that would help entrepreneurs and innovators formulating methodical applications. He also indicated the results of this competition and its role in exploring the capabilities of university students. 
Darwazah said: "Jordan is full of innovators and entrepreneurs, who are looking for opportunities, and here our mission comes to assist them in applying for their patents, build their prototypes, and commercialize their research outcomes, or even support in spin off companies.
Noting further that ASRF’s vision is to create a healthy environment for scientific applied scientific research in Jordanian and regional universities and companies. Additionally, ASRF is the first initiative from a private sector aiming at encouraging researchers to develop their findings into concrete projects with commercial value. 
"ASRF aims at supporting applied and creative scientific researches to create the seed of knowledge based economy and technology in the Middle East," said Dr. Abdel Monem Rawashdeh, General Manager of ASRF, emphasizing the Fund’s willingness to provide all the equipments, devices, and chemical components necessary for scientific research, which the researchers and students might need, but will remain the property of the University." 
"ASRF's mission includes support for all fields of applied sciences and engineering, including medical sciences. We are tasked with keeping Jordan at the leading edge of discovery in such areas. So, in addition to funding research in the traditional academic areas, the fund also supports "high-risk, high pay-off" ideas, novel collaborations and numerous projects," he added. 
"We will employ our capabilities and expertise so innovators can register patents for their inventions, co-authored by the innovator, their university, and ASRF. We will continue our support for innovators until their academic ideas and scientific research are rendered marketable, commercial projects targeting international and regional markets," he added. 
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Established in 2011, Applied Scientific Research Fund (ASRF) is a non-government, non-profit organization created by Samih Darwazah, founder of Hikma Pharmaceuticals, to promote the development of applied science and engineering ideas. Our main target investigators are colleges and universities in any field, such as medicine, natural sciences, technology and others.
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