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Arabic Home Shopping TV Channel Sees Substantial Growth in 2009 sales, 35% sales increase compared to last year

Citruss TV, the leading Dubai based TV shopping channel, announced today that it has seen a substantial increase in home shopping spending from his consumers this year. A 35% increase in sales transactions compared to last year has been an unexpected increase given the general state of the retail industry.

October 14, 2009 12:00 by

Citruss TV, founded by Michael Trüschler and Nicolas Bruylants, is Middle East’s leading shopping channel which is broadcast in Arabic. The channel is present in 15 countries in the Middle East with direct home delivery. Hosting exclusive product ranges from jewelry, cosmetics, household items, toys, slimming and treatment products, Citruss TV prides in carrying exclusive products that are rarely available through retailers in the region.


“We were the pioneers in offering Arabic speakers the convenience of TV shopping from their homes, and I am happy to say that this concept is being welcomed in the region, especially among women”, said Nicolas Bruylants, one of Citruss TV’s founders. Women have been the prime customers of Citruss TV’s products with approximately 70% of sales coming from Arabic speaking women.


The shopping channel which can be viewed on Nilesat satellite, 11938MHz V, carries over 300 exclusive product references, including the latest Jewelry line launched by a the famous Lebanese singer Roula Saad exclusively through the channel. The highest numbers of sales are coming from Saudi Arabia, followed by the UAE and Kuwait.


“We foresee that the Arabic home shopping market is going to grow substantially in the coming years. Home shopping is very suitable to the culture and lifestyle for most Arab women, as it not only respects their traditional values, but also brings them choice at the reach of a channel”, said Michael Trueschler the company’s CEO.


Citruss TV prides itself in superior customer service, guaranteed delivery times, and secured payment transactions. The channel’s founders said they will continue enhancing Citruss TV’s shopping experience as well as expand their product line to fulfill needs of the Middle East market. 


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About Citruss TV


Citruss TV is based in Dubai and was founded in 2005 by Nicolas Bruylants and Michael Trüschler. Their aim was to offer a new kind of retail service to the people in the region, built on technology, but guided by two customer focused principles: Quality and Convenience. Citruss offers quality products from around the world and delivers them to the doorstep of their viewer’s homes (The ultimate buying convenience). Today, Citruss TV is the leading TV and online retailer in the Middle East and North Africa

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