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Bridgestone Successfully Protects Brand and Trademark Rights

Bridgestone Cooperation (“Bridgestone”) announced the successful results of a trademark infringement complaint against Chinese manufacturers that attempted to infringe on the goodwill established by Bridgestone intellectual property. Bridgestone has been successful in causing certain businesses to cease the use of two similar sounding names, “Rockstone” and “Bridgesteel”.

March 22, 2009 12:00 by

For Rockstone; Bridgestone filed a trademark infringement complaint against Shandong Santai Rubber Co., Ltd., (Subsequently, Shandong Santai), an entity that manufactured and marketed tires under the “Rockstone” brand, a name which closely resembles the famous Bridgestone trademark.

In addition, Bridgestone has been taking actions to prevent the distribution of Shandong Santai products to various regions throughout the world. These responses include filing a trademark complaint in the Netherlands in October 2008 against a Shandong Santai dealership-Heuver Banden Groothandel BV.

As a result of these legal actions, in November 2008 Bridgestone reached an agreement with the dealership, and in December 2008 it also reached an agreement with Shandong Santai, of which included the suspension of the manufacturing and marketing of tires using “Rockstone” name.

For Bridgesteel; Bridgestone filed trademark infringement complaint against Hangzhou Bridgesteel Rubber Co., Ltd., a company that manufactured and marketed conveyor belts under the “Bridgesteel” brand, a name which closely resembles the famous Bridgestone registered trademark.

In September 2007, Bridgestone filed a trademark infringement complaint at the Hangzhou intermediate people’s court. A decision to uphold the complaint was issued at the end of 2008. The court ruled that the plaintiff must cease the use of the Chinese equivalent of “Bridgesteel” as its Company name.

Fundamental to Bridgestone’s corporate Philosophy to imitation products and services is to give the highest importance to customer safety and peace of mind. Going forward, Bridgestone will continue to maintain and improve its brand value by proactively identifying parties who attempt to imitate its trademarks and initiate legal proceedings against them.

About Bridgestone

As a global leader in the rubber industry, Bridgestone and its subsidiaries around the world cater to the needs of every walk of life. The Bridgestone Group manufacturer’s superior quality tyres and other diversified products such as Industrial Rubber Products, Sporting Goods etc.

The Bridgestone Group “Bridgestone with its principal place of business in Tokyo, Japan. Bridgestone holds production holds production facilities around the world which are equipped with the world’s most advanced technologies. Bridgestone products are supplied to every continent.

Bridgestone Middle East and Africa FZE

Bridgestone Middle East & Africa FZE (BSMEA) is the headquarters for the Middle East and Africa region. It was set up with the objectives of speeding up decision-making and action and of optimizing regional strategy by identifying market trends close to the customer and market.

Earning the trust and confidence of customers is more than just about supplying the best products. Bridgestone Middle East & Africa FZE aims to be the best corporate citizen that it can be. Community service is one way of giving back to society. BSMEA’s plans include working together with police agencies, schools and the public sectors in the region by providing seminars to promote and encourage road safety and environmental awareness.

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