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Brocade Survey Indicates Internet Connectivity an Important Selection Criteria for EMEA Holiday Makers

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New research reveals that good mobile data coverage is becoming a must for holidaymakers, with many selecting leisure resorts based on the quality of the Internet connection

August 5, 2012 3:25 by

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – 16 July 2012: A recent research by Brocade shows that good mobile data connectivity is a priority for EMEA holidaymakers when selecting a holiday destination. This comes as no surprise considering the high penetration of mobile devices and the fact that people nowadays expect to be ‘always connected’ whether for work or personal use.


More than a third of the respondents surveyed said that good mobile data coverage is a determining factor when choosing a destination, with 86 percent expecting wireless connectivity at their hotels to feed their ‘online addiction’. Some 95 percent of the respondents admitted taking their mobile devices on vacation, and they are as likely to use them for work as for personal use. More than half of respondents said that they used their mobile device for accessing work e-mail or downloading work documents.


Smartphones, laptops, netbooks and tablet computers seem to be the devices of choice while on vacation. Accessing private emails, work emails and use of social media are the priorities for holidaymakers connecting to the internet.


Sufian Dweik, Regional Manager, MENA at Brocade seems to think that the lines have blurred between personal time and work time and people find it difficult if not impossible to fully ‘switch off’ from work. Trends like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the consumerization of IT have contributed to this, he says.


More than a third (37 percent) of respondents noted that good mobile data coverage (for example, 3G/4G) was a determining factor in their choice of destination. Furthermore, 86 percent expected hotels to provide free Wi-Fi access. A lack of available Wi-Fi was also the second most popular concern about accessing the Internet from abroad, behind only high roaming costs.


However, the findings may indicate that there is still a gulf between the expectations of modern travellers and the reality. “Many destinations remain unable to satisfy holidaymakers’ demands when it comes to connectivity,” explained Dweik. “Hotel owners should look at the incredible demand for free Wi-Fi networking and provide residents with reliable connectivity – whether in their rooms, at the bar or by the pool. Widely available, high-quality Internet access could very soon make the difference between a hugely successful season and a disastrous one. Without it, hotels risk damaging both their revenues and their reputations.”


Against the above scenario, hotel owners should provide reliable, high quality connectivity and free Wi-Fi if they are to attract tourists and gain a competitive edge. Telecom operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) also need to strengthen their network backbone to support today’s huge volumes of mobile data.


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