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Canon Middle East Fulfils Pledge to Plant Over 2900 Ghaf Trees

Canon & Goumbook Officials at Al Barari

Canon Middle East Managing Director and over 100 Canon employees with family members demonstrate commitment to society with ‘Give a Ghaf’ initiative

May 12, 2013 3:19 by

Dubai, UAE, 12 May 2013: Canon Middle East, leader in imaging solutions, has announced that it has achieved significant positive results with its environmental conservation efforts through the ‘Give a Ghaf’ campaign. The initiative was launched early this year as part of Canon Middle East’s long term sustainability programme highlighting the company’s commitment to be a socially responsible and environmentally conscious business organisation.

The company fulfilled its pledge to plant a Ghaf tree for every energy efficient Inkjet printer, Laser printer, Toner cartridge, Photo lens and Calculator product it sold at National Stores showrooms in the UAE during the first quarter of this year, as it gathered staff and volunteers yesterday to plant 2,939 Ghaf trees in Dubai’s Al Barari Nursery, a 1.2 million sq ft plant farm that houses over 800 different types of plants.

“Canon’s corporate philosophy of ‘Kyosei’, meaning living and working together for the common good, has shaped Canon’s vision and values, the way we do business and how we interact with stakeholders around the world. This serves as foundation for the company’s presence in the region, pre mediating not just the strategic direction and investments that sustain its position as the leader in imaging solutions, but also the kind of high profile activities that Canon Middle East supports. We have stayed true to the spirit of ‘Kyosei’ with the ‘Give a Ghaf’ initiative which is testament to our efforts to make a positive contribution to the society we operate in,” said Anurag Agrawal, Managing Director, Canon Middle East.


Canon partnered with, the Middle East’s first online green business directory, for the initiative as part of their ‘Give a Ghaf’ campaign, which launched at the beginning of the year as an on-going initiative to educate and inspire end-users on the environment and to give back to the community. The seeds were planted in a protected area where the plants could grow safely and will be donated after a year to a local school of the company’s choice.

The Ghaf is a drought – tolerant, evergreen tree native to the UAE, and is renowned for being among the sturdiest plants in harsh desert environments. In recent times, however, Ghaf groves have succumbed to urbanization and the rapid infrastructure development in the country, resulting in the loss of a plant that has aesthetic, cultural and ecological significance to the country.

Hendrik Verbrugghe, Marketing Director, Canon Middle East said; “The environment and community has always been high on Canon’s agenda over the years and we have been focused on taking proactive steps to promote environmental sustainability, whether that manifests itself through innovative products that reduce environmental impact or raising awareness through these types of initiatives.”

The ‘Give a Ghaf’ initiative from Goumbook is a great way in spreading the message in the importance of the environment, while helping to protect an integral part of the UAE’s culture. It also fits in perfectly with Canon’s overall policy of responsibly pursuing economic growth, while placing less burden on the environment and supporting sustainable growth for the company,” he added.

“The ‘Give a Ghaf’ Tree Planting Program was initiated by the Social Enterprise Goumbook to raise public awareness about the Ghaf tree and its values, as trees are fundamental components in the ecosystems that provide us all with health, food, breathable air, water, fertile soils and a stable climate,” said Tatiana Antonelli Abella, Managing Director from

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