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CareZone Wins Best New Business Award

CareZone Wins Best New Business Award

Innovative tech startup selected as ‘The One to Watch’ at awards ceremony for leading SMEs

December 15, 2011 1:21 by

Dubai, UAE, 10 December 2011: CareZone, the region’s first mobile platform with a heart, was named ‘Best New Business’ at the prestigious SME Advisor Stars of Business Awards 2011. Over 3,800 companies from across the Middle East were nominated for the awards, and winners were selected by a panel of industry leaders based on a number of criteria.
CareZone’s founder & CEO Ritesh Tilani said, “We are deeply honored to have been selected for this award, and I’d like to thank the team at SME Advisor ME and all the judges. SMEs face a significant number of challenges when competing against more established players. Receiving recognition for our hard work gives us the motivation to try to achieve even more. This particular award validates our belief of CareZone’s huge potential to make an impact.”
CareZone benefits both companies and consumers while facilitating support for various charitable causes. Through a free iPhone app, CareZone users are incentivized to visit and purchase from CareZone partners, who in turn make contributions to each individual user’s favorite causes.
The innovative platform is constantly adding new businesses to its network, and giving its users more places to shop at and support their favorite causes through. Causes range from local organizations such as Dubai Autism Center and K9 Friends, to regional and international organizations such as the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and the United Nations World Food Programme. Users are also invited to suggest their favorite causes if they aren’t already listed within CareZone.
Over the coming months, the company will be adding many new exciting features to the app, and making CareZone available in Arabic as well. In addition, apps for Blackberry and Android devices will also be developed. CareZone is currently seeking out investors to help it not only expand the platform, but also offer the platform in new markets across the region.
Tilani adds, “This award is very special to us. It gives us recognition for our efforts and perseverance, but it’s also a huge win for CSR and social entrepreneurship. It tells us that the leaders of the business world agree with us that it’s not just important to make money, but it’s also important to make a difference.”
About CareZone
CareZone is the Middle East’s first mobile platform that rewards users for their loyalty while benefitting each individual user’s favorite cause at the same time. The revolutionary and innovative ‘app with a heart’ helps users identify companies that give back to the community, and incentivizes them to support these brands.
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