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Casamia Star L.L.C's New Owner Restructures Top Management to Accompany its Strategic Plans in the Region

May 4, 2009 12:00 by

Casamia Star L.L.C’s New Owner Restructures Top Management to Accompany its Strategic Plans in the Region



·        Hendrik Hommel continues to be CEO; new MD Mr. Khaled Kadik and GM Mr. Merzak Gaci

·        Casamia Star L.L.C unveils strategic growth plans in region


Casamia Star Real Estate Broker L.L.C, is one of the leading Brokers, today announced a complete restructuring in its top management team as part of its efforts to further boost its regional client base.


The new team will be spearheaded by its former CEO Mr. Hendrik Hommel, who continues to hold his previous responsibility. The company also announced the appointment of Mr. Khaled Kadik as the new Managing Director and Mr. Merzak Gaci as the new General Manager.


The new appointments and revamp in the top management structure is central to Casamia Star L.L.C strategic growth plans aimed at developing innovative partnerships with business partners, industry leaders and clients.


Announcing the new team, Mr. Hendrik Hommel, CEO of Casamia Star L.L.C, said: “The Board of Directors of Casamia Star L.L.C, decided to announce a new team to spearhead the growth trajectory of the company in the changed global economic and regional real estate landscape. We are in extraordinarily challenging times that require innovative solutions, and aggressive, unprecedented actions. We have identified, evaluated and debated a variety of different business models and strategies to realize our economic potential. The new management team is a pivotal step in this direction.”


He added: “With our collective in-depth knowledge of the property sector in the region, we are now better equipped to offer a wider range of property choices to customers and assist them in making informed purchase decisions. The move is part of our strategic growth plans in the region, aimed at becoming the partner of choice for our customers through our service offerings and product portfolio.”


Mr. Hendrik Hommel and Mr. Khaled Kadik’s extensive knowledge about the real estate industry will play a pivotal role in driving Casamia Star L.L.C’s initiatives and help achieve its objectives in consistent to this strategic plan, he added.


In his comments, Mr. Khaled Kadik, the new MD of Casamia Star L.L.C, said: “I am honored to have the confidence and support of the Board of Directors and I look forward to working closely in the Casamia Star L.L.C’s growth strategy. Our approach is to leverage our dynamic and diversified business model, as we seek growth opportunities in the marketplace. We will continue to focus intensely on creating value through innovation and high service standards.”


Thanking the company’s board, Mr. Merzak Gaci, the new GM, said: “Our first priority is to further Casamia Star L.L.C’s position in the changed real estate environment as we move further in augmenting our presence in the region. I am gratified to have the opportunity to serve the company in this expanded role and to further build on its operational excellence. Together, we are committed to achieve our strategic objectives.”


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About Casamia Star Real Estate Broker L.L.C

Casamia Star L.L.C is a merger between two leading German names, the real estate expert Casamia Star L.L.C and the world renowned German architectural firm Gesamtplanungsbuero. Established by renowned German Architect Hendrik A. Hommel, included the project n

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