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Companies in the Middle East Need to Modernize Data Management for Virtualization Success, Says Expert

Without modern backup and data recovery tools and processes in place, UAE companies could suffer a breakdown in their virtualization infrastructure leading to a shutdown of business

May 21, 2012 9:15 by

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, 2 May, 2012: Its no surprise that the adoption of server virtualization technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is continuing to accelerate as enterprise organizations consolidate critical applications on virtual machines (VMs). It is a technology trend that cries out for a modern approach to data management. The benefits of server virtualization bring with them a series of concerns. According to Commvault’s annual end user virtualization survey, the three most cited primary concerns surrounding the deployment of data protection solutions in virtual server environments are cost, ineffective backups and lengthy and complex restore processes.

Steve Bailey, Regional Operations Director of CommVault Systems says that CIO’s are faced with the challenge of identifying and deploying solutions that better manage data growth, ensure their environment is protected, minimize risk of information loss or tampering, and confidently and reliably meet fiduciary and regulatory discovery requirements. But how do they implement all this in a way that allows them to deploy new technologies like virtualization or strategies like data center consolidation, while maintaining best practices around management of their information?

Virtualization Puts an Extremely Bright Spotlight on these Challenges

The benefits of server virtualization are compelling. IT execs rightfully love to tout lower power consumption, fewer boxes, improved operations and management and reallocation of budget dollars for projects that matter to the lines of business. But there is an elephant in the room. And it’s a particularly big one: Euphoria-driven over commitment to a technology they don’t have the right infrastructure for. In the mad dash to deploy virtualization, companies have hit a snag. A snag that could shut down their business – or at a minimum slam on the virtualization emergency brake.

There is a real concern about how to get their arms around virtual machine sprawl and then how to move data out of virtualized servers, store it, protect it AND get it back without bringing the business to its knees. Many companies have rushed to virtualize servers, expecting their basic backup and recovery to just work, only to find it doesn’t. Then there are companies that want to do more server virtualization, like deploy mission-critical applications on virtualized environments, but are reluctant to do so until they are assured business continuance is not affected.

With more and more critical data residing in virtual environments, application availability is paramount. The risk of downtime is huge. But with backup windows shrinking and the demand for recovery increasing, it is all organizations can do to simply manage their physical environments, let alone their virtual ones. Data growth has magnified the problem, adding more pressure to networks already overburdened. Today’s data center challenges are enormous: How to manage growing data stores while still maintaining some level of efficiency across remote offices, the data center, virtual and cloud environments? How to deliver complete virtual machine protection and recovery for improved peace of mind? How to meet recovery SLAs in real time to better compete in an ever changing business world?

Modernizing Data Management and Virtualization go hand-in-hand

The need to modernize backup and recovery has been brewing, and growing, for several years now. Countless studies from leading industry firms have all indicated that rearchitecting their legacy backup solutions is in the top 3 of budgeted IT projects. They recognized that what they were using flat out handcuffed them in many ways: infrastructure upgrades, OS and APP upgrades, fast access to data, staff to manage and maintain and out of control costs.

Modernizing data management should take place before embarking on virtualization roll-out, or at a minimum, should happen simultaneously. If not, many of the shortcomings and problems inherent in your physical environment will plague your virtual environment as well.

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