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Latest News promotes Arab women on the Internet through has announced the launch of on the Internet after it fully acquired the site, which specialized in women's affairs, and enhanced it with up-to-date technologies. Following the acquisition, integrated 7asnaa into its site.


August 31, 2009 12:00 by has announced the launch of on the Internet after it fully acquired the site, which specialized in women's affairs, and enhanced it with up-to-date technologies. Following the acquisition, integrated 7asnaa into its site.'s Executive Chairman, Dr. Usama Fayyad said he was thrilled over the new move, underlining the impressive turnout the witnessed since it was launched on the net early last month, attracting about 200,000 permanent visitors.


“The site was designed to be a destination and the best meeting place for Arab women to discuss issues of concern such as fashion trends, health and food, accessories, house interior design and other issues of interest,” said Fayyad.


“Although there are several websites oriented towards women affairs, they apparently have not met the minimum expectations of users, leaving a vacuum that we decided to fill with, with an Arab character and social content that suits the nature of the region”.


Fayyad, who formerly served as Yahoo's vice president for research and strategic data solutions, underlined the makeover has gone through in terms of development and design to be able to meet the aspirations of this group with its various age categories.


In addition to the comprehensive content, Fayyad said has been supported with interactive technologies that allow visitors, through its networking environment, to form social groups to exchange still and animated pictures, videos and video clips, news and other forms of participation.


For her part, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Ruba Abu Judeh said the comprehensiveness of 7asnaa's services and the quality and quantity richness of the content has made the site an active women's station and a venue for Arab women to meet. This has made the site the best place for advertisers to promote their products and acquaint targeted customers with their services, she said.


Abu Judeh added that after integrating into, advertising parties can target women visitors through a large pool of advertising tools such as the constantly updated video films library, media gallery and other advertising channels. This helps advertisers reach out to the targeted group with efficiency and accuracy that go beyond the reach of conventional means, she said.


To ensure a higher degree of professionalism, Abu Judeh added that ad technologies employed at 7asnaa portal allow advertisers to specify the targeted age category, sex, geographical location and other data required to guarantee that the campaign achieves its goals. In addition, advertisers can receive technical reports to evaluate the various stages of the campaign, unlike the traditional techniques that do not ensure accuracy, or allow steering the campaign and follow up on it while in process. 




d1g is the fastest growing Web 2.0 integrated online community that has become the leading Arabic portal for rich digital media such as online Arabic clips and pictures. d1g is a venue where Arab users can create and join online communities, publish their favorite music, share videos, create their own web identity and evolve into web publishers. d1g suite of services include a range of Arabic Web 2.0 service and new models of online social networking to capitalize on the enormous growth in internet penetration and digital media in the Middle East. d1g is continuously offering new online service concepts for the Arab online communities that address a gap in the current online content and services addressing the emerging needs of Arab users.




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