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Daas: 18 international & regional company showcase their technologies at Middle East Technology Show

CEO of Jordan Computers Society (JCS) Rafiq Daas said that preparations for hosting the Middle East Technology Show (METS) in the period from 18 to 21 November at Hyatt Hotel are moving fast.

October 24, 2009 12:00 by

24/10/2009, AMMAN CEO of Jordan Computers Society (JCS) Rafiq Daas said that preparations for hosting the Middle East Technology Show (METS) in the period from 18 to 21 November at Hyatt Hotel are moving fast.

At a press conference held today (Saturday), Daas reiterated that the countdown for launching this most prominent event at the level of neighboring countries has started and that contracts concluded by JCS with major local and regional companies during the last few days have reached 35, particularly since the number of international companies and Arab their participation until this moment is 18 participation. With JCS is still receiving participation requests until the full 1600 square meters space of the show place becomes fully reserved. 

Among the companies who confirmed their participation are 8 international ones, 5 are the biggest worldwide, specialized in banks and finances such as IBM, Infosys, Temenos, Fiserv, and Polaris.  In addition, there are 10 big Palestinian companies which have reserved spaces in the exhibition, commented Daas.

“There is a good opportunity for local partners to build partnerships with these international companies specially that a number of them is searching for local agents.  This opens the door wide for the creation of new regional offices.  Moreover, there are other companies who are studying the investment opportunities in the Kingdom,” Daas added. 

Daas confirmed that JCS has invited Syrian and Arab companies who previously participated in the METS’09 exhibitions.

With regard to government participation, Daas said that there is a specialized area for the ministry of communications and information technology to showcase the most significant government breakthrough in the e-government project and its current and future importance. 

METS’09 is considered one of the most important and specialized annual exhibitions held in the region. It is an annual meeting venue for top executives, experts and job seekers in the industry. under its umbrella tropic senior corporate sector experts and researchers for jobs. It also offers the right place for concluding commercial deals, exchanging expertise and building contacts with concerned organizations and decision makers.

JSC has started its preparations to host the activities of METS’09 as early as this month and mobilized all efforts needed to make its 20th session different from other previous tackling new topics such as environment and prospects of job creation against the backdrop of the global financial crisis.

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About JCS

Jordan Computers Society was established in 1986 as a professional non-profit society representing both individuals and companies specialized in computer and information technology. It is the first such an organization in the Middle East and the Arab region to specialize in the field.

JCS seeks to develop the ICT sector in Jordan and serve and support companies operating in the field through upgrading the operation techniques at the concerned companies and the efficiency of employees hired by the industry.

The society also contributes to planning and developing educational programs and training in the various sub-fields in the ICT sphere, in addition to the extension of consultation for state agencies and private establishments, holding seminars, lectures and training courses aimed to take the sector to a new level.  In addition, JCS builds and foster ties with peer organizations at the Arab and international levels. The society organizes METS on an annual basis and this year, it will hold the 20th edition of the show.


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