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Dare to go x-treme

PepsiCo International launches new Mountain Dew X-treme across GCC markets.

February 25, 2011 11:52 by

PepsiCo International pushes thrill-seekers to new limits with the GCC launch of Mountain Dew X-Treme, a new exciting and exhilarating version of the youth’s favorite soft drink which will be available for a limited time only.

“Innovation has always been at the core of Mountain Dew’s strategic objectives for steady growth,” said Ibrahim Binaquil – Mountain Dew Marketing Manager at PepsiCo GCCI BU. “Our marketing strategy focuses on consumers in GCC and X-Treme’s unique formula was exclusively developed for the region’s market after analyzing what young consumers desire.”

Mountain Dew X-Treme will be available in the markets for a limited period only. Social media will be targeted alongside, TV, strong in-store presence, as vehicles to build awareness and word of mouth for the new drink.

“As a Mountain Dew line extension, one of the fastest growing carbonated soft drink brands across the GCC, X-Treme is for all those who have an adventurous spirit,” said Binaquil. “Like Mountain Dew, X-Treme has a pleasingly unconventional taste that invigorates those extreme sports enthusiasts who have an adventurous spirit and attitude that impels them to continuously push themselves to limits of physical challenges. X-Treme’s unique formula fuels the thrill seeking younger generation with adventurous satisfaction.”

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