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Design technology continues to evolve to enhance graphic artists’ experience

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Creative devices are expected to continuously evolve overtime, with the ultimate goal of producing the best results.

August 25, 2014 5:51 by

August, 2014

Like other professions, graphic design makes use of the latest mobile technologies to help designers and illustrators execute their creative thoughts with speed and accuracy.  The constant evolution of technology is changing the way graphic designers develop their ideas without boundaries and restrictions and is further enhancing their experience. Outfitted with powerful features, these creative tools enable users to do a range of tasks anytime, anywhere.

Inevitably, various companies consistently redefine their products to ensure that high-technology devices are available to assist professional designers in their jobs. The products typically work across all major platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows in a user-friendly manner. Digital ink is one such creative tool that is widely used by many graphic designers. This form of technology – which usually uses a special pen or stylus – allows handwriting and drawings to be added to digital documents and be displayed on a computer monitor. An example of such technology is WILL by Wacom, a universal inking engine and ink layer framework which connects hardware, software, and applications.

A number of people utilizing digital ink, chief of whom are the young, have grown considerably over the years especially amidst the continuous integration of technology into the education sector. Design students all over the world now use digital pens and tablets as important tools to aid them in their school projects. In the Middle East region, in particular, different colleges, universities, and education ministries of various states have made heavy investments in latest technological tools so as to enhance their students’ learning experience. Some of these academic institutions are King Abdulaziz University, Dammam University, and King Abdullah University for Science and Technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the American University of Sharjah and American University in the UAE.

Rüdiger Spohrer, Vice President Marketing EMEA at Wacom, said: “Technology, in general, has no doubt redefined the landscape of our society today. In graphic design, the field has changed tremendously as digital tools are increasingly becoming an indispensible part of the creative process of any design professional. Design artists can now effectively and efficiently execute their ideas anytime, anywhere, with almost all devices today are offering the needed flexibility and mobility. Digital ink is an important creation of our time and the familiarity of its use will surely enhance the chances of the students especially when they start their career in design.  Our company fully supports the increasing efforts of colleges and universities in the region and the rest of the world to integrate digital tools into their teaching methods. Doing so will help equip the students with highly competitive skills and knowledge.”

Creative devices are expected to continuously evolve overtime, with the ultimate goal of producing the best results. In particular, the design technology market – from pens to tablets to software designs – holds immense growth potentials fuelled by high demand for mobile creative devices from various industries.  This trend – the evolution of design technology – is not slowing down anytime soon as leading companies, including Wacom, continuously bring excellent and world-class products to the market.


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