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Double-Take® Software and RES Software Form Strategic Alliance to Dramatically Improve Desktop Provisioning and Management

Joint Solution Provides IT Managers with a Desktop Virtualization Solution To Simplify Management and Ensure Ongoing User Productivity and Satisfaction

February 10, 2010 12:00 by


Key Facts:

  • IT Managers are increasingly challenged with minimizing the time and money spent on managing their desktop infrastructures. Additionally, they must also ensure each end-user has on-demand access to the data, applications and settings critical to completing their jobs.  
  • In the past, addressing these challenges has typically required a compromise between control, management and user personalization. As a result, IT managers are either faced with spending added resources overseeing a more complex environment or end-users experience interruptions in services, impacting the ability of both groups to meet business objectives.
  • A new alliance between Double-Take® Software (NASDAQ: DBTK) and RES Software looks to eliminate these headaches by delivering an affordable solution that simplifies desktop management and ensures ongoing user productivity and satisfaction.
  • Through the alliance, Double-Take Software has combined its desktop OS streaming technology with RES Software’s unique user workspace management solution. 
  • This joint offering allows IT professionals to do the following:
    • Maintain a single, shared desktop image which minimizes the time and expense of desktop provisioning and management, while increasing desktop control.
    • Centrally-manage and deliver secure, personalized, context-aware desktop experiences to any user.
    • Upgrade desktop images from a central source without disrupting the user’s unique workspace environments.
  • The solution relies on the Double-Take® Flex OS streaming technology and the RES PowerFuse User Workspace Management solution.
    • Double-Take Flex: This offering reduces the time and expense of desktop and server provisioning and management by creating master images which run entirely over the network and can be shared between multiple systems. OS streaming technology allows companies to leverage their existing PC, storage and network infrastructures to create “Flextops” – virtualized desktop PCs with or without local hard disks which run from these centralized images.
    • RES PowerFuse: By separating the user workspace from the operating system, RES PowerFuse automates the management, creation and dynamic composition of user workspaces. This is a critical factor in driving user satisfaction and productivity, regardless of delivery platform and an essential component in dynamically adapting the workspace based on users’ device, time, role or location. As a result, IT professionals have the ability to offer context-aware, secure and centrally managed delivery of applications, printing, data and personalized settings to each end-user.



Additional Alliance Details:

  • Through this alliance, customers can easily combine Double-Take Flex and its innovative desktop virtualization capabilities with the RES PowerFuse User Workspace Management Software to centrally build, manage and control personalized, secure and context-aware user workspaces.
  • Double-Take Flex provides a centralized desktop environment to customers based on OS streaming technology and combines that with advanced user workspace management capabilities from RES Software, solving the industry wide control and management challenges that plague most IT environments. Double-Take Software will resell and provide support for RES PowerFuse User Workspace Management Software to customers as part of the product bundling with Double-Take Flex.



Dan Jones, global vice president of sales, Double-Take Software: “Double-Take Software is focused on providing simple, easy-to-manage workload optimization software and delivering innovative and useful solutions that drive cost and complexity out of managing all IT workloads – including desktop workloads. This alliance with RES Software presents customers with an easy way to transition their existing desktops to ‘Flextops’ using Double-Take Flex in combination with some of the dynamic workspace management capabilities of RES PowerFuse.”


Jim Kirby, president of the Americas, RES Software: “New system complexities continue to challenge desktop management, creating significant drains on IT resources and impacting user access to the tools needed to complete their jobs, both of which put overall business objectives in jeopardy. Through this alliance, we’re working with Double-Take Software to eliminate these challenges. Our joint solution simplifies both desktop provisioning and user workspace management, reducing the amount of resources needed to oversee these environments and ensuring always-on access for end-users.”






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