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Dubai Customs foils second bid to smuggle narcotics in spare parts

Loaded with 3.5 kg of heroin.


August 24, 2010 1:32 by

Dubai Customs foiled another bid to smuggle 3.5 kg of heroin into the UAE which was hidden cunningly inside cars spare parts made of steel.

The seizure is considered the second of its kind in less than a month where spare parts were used to smuggle narcotics. Mr. Omar Ahmed Al Muhairi, Senior Manager of Air Cargo Operations at Dubai Customs stated that Customs inspectors at Dubai Cargo Village suspected a postal parcel coming from an Asian country which contained cartoon with four pieces of spare parts inside. The inspector noticed some unevenness of the spare parts when he checked them through the x-ray machine and suspected they contained narcotics.

Further examinations confirmed his doubts as 3.5 kg of heroin powder was found inside them which was identified by Dubai Customs inspectors due to their experience in such domain.

Inline with the ongoing coordination and cooperation, the case was transferred to the General Department of the Anti-Narcotics Department at Dubai Police to take the necessary legal action against the seizure and the owners of the haul.

Mr. Omar Ahmed Al Muhairi praised the inspector for his vigilance in detecting the lumpiness in the spare parts despite the fact that it was meticulously hidden. Such a thing reveals that customs inspectors are alerted against all what threatens the UAE community and its individuals’ health and safety to ensure safeguarding international legal trade.

Al Muhairi added that smugglers always come up with new smuggling techniques and continue to perform illegal acts; however, Customs inspectors await and foil them as the Department seeks to employ the most qualified national cadre and provide them with specialized training courses to develop their professional skills and enhance their national security alertness which makes them ready for these twisted smuggling techniques of narcotics and illegal items. The Department also equips them with the most hi-tech inspection technologies of luggage, parcels and cargos. Mr. Al Muhairi stressed that protecting the community comes at the top of the strategic objectives of Dubai Customs and goes in parallel with its second aspect of the corporate mission in reinforcing national economy.


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