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DU's CEO Osman Sultan to announce iPhone deal to industry leaders at Next Generation Telecom Summit in Fujairah

April 17, 2009 12:00 by

Osman Sultan, CEO at DU Telecommunications has confirmed attendance at the Next Generation Telecom Summit next month. The summit, which will be held from May 11th – 13th at Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort, has been organised for the Telecom industry’s thought-leaders to combat the current economic crisis and unite in this unreliable climate.

Mr Sultan, set to talk about DU’s potential multi-million deal with Apple iPhone, will also be joined by Ali Al Ahmed, Group Chief Strategy Officer at Etisalat and Mohammed Rafi, Group CIO at Zain, who is expected to be speaking about Zain’s plans to announce a $5 billion acquisition spend.

With the instant-access wave of communication taking a stronghold and progressive approach even during the most damaging of economic times, it has become more and more apparent that even when stock prices are down and unemployment is up, the telecommunication industry is still forging full-speed ahead, providing the framework and backbone of connectivity for businesses trying to get back on their feet.

In the middle of both the telecommunications world and the economic turbulence is the Middle East, providing a template for the rest of the world on how to grab hold and embrace the technologies and breakthroughs in telecommunications, and utilize them to make businesses and lives better. It is not very often that the leaders in this region, or this industry gather in one place.

Over 50 other visionaries within the industry from companies including Q-Tel, Telecom Egypt and Afgan Telecom are set to attend the summit. If targets are achieved, the MENA region will benefit from potential new business, which in turn will create more jobs and stability, plus cheaper calls for the consumer.

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