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Fancy a Photo-sharing and Word Guessing Game? ‘peek!’, a revolutionary new game hits the Apple App Store

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We create independent games under the name of Piranha Byte. We've just released our latest title 'peek!' and would love if you'd check it out and consider featuring it on

September 17, 2012 8:41 by

DUBAI – September 16, 2012 – You’ve heard of Draw Something, Hangman and Instagram… now make way for a new sensation called ‘peek!’.  It’s a multiplayer turn-based game where you challenge friends (or strangers) to guess a secret word based on a photo that you share with them.  The photo is initially hidden by tiles with one tile removed to allow them to peek at the photo.  Can you guess their secret word? You take turns and can peek by revealing tiles with each turn.

Its ridiculously engaging and, best of all, its free.

The app is the brainchild of Piranha Byte, the award-winning indie game developers based in Dubai. “We’re big fans of casual gaming and we wanted to take things to the next level by adding a competitive edge to photo sharing”, explained Waleed Kharma, co-founder of Piranha Byte. “We tested lots of ideas and ‘peek!’ just jumped out at us as being the best format – it’s loads of fun, highly addictive and beautifully simple. We’d love our ‘peekers’ to rate and review our game in the app store as this is the best way for us to know how to continuously improve our app … something we’re totally committed to doing.”

‘peek!’ features: 

  • Challenge your Facebook friends or another ‘peek!’ gamer at random
  • No photography skills required – just take any photo or select one from your photo library
  • Create your own words with a maximum of 8 characters
  • Struggling to guess a word?  Use ‘peeks!’ from your account to gradually reveal a tile of your choice or use coins to buy more ‘peeks!’
  • Coins are earned by guessing correctly but you can buy them too from the in-app store
  • Play at your own pace – it’s a turn based game and there’s no rush
  • Play up to 20 simultaneous games

“Considering today’s competitive mobile gaming landscape, said Ali Hamidi, Piranha Byte CTO, we are striving to always innovate and add new features that will allow users to enjoy the best gaming experience.   After we launch, we are planning to add new exciting features to ‘Peek!’. Stay tuned!”

‘peek!’ is now available to download for free on the Apple App Store in all regions and an Android version will be coming soon to Google Play.  Click here to download the iOS app now:!/id528963426?ls=1&mt=8

For more information about ‘peek!’, you can visit:


Facebook Page:

Facebook Page:

Twitter:  @Piranha_Byte

Youtube (‘peek!’ Trailer):

About Piranha Byte

Piranha Byte is a boutique games developer founded by a young and passionate team with diverse background.  The Piranha Byte Team strives to create highly quality mobile games that are socially engaging and highly entertaining.


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