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Filmmaster MEA and Parente Fireworks break the Guinness World Record™ in Kuwait by producing the Largest Firework Display in the world.

More than sixty minutes of fireworks along five kilometres of coastline to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Kuwait’s constitution.


November 18, 2012 12:40 by

Kuwait City, 12th of November – Filmmaster MEA and Parente Fireworks have put on the Largest Firework Display in the world, officially recognised by Guinness World Records, with 77,282 fireworks, outdoing the previous record of 60,000.

The exploit took place on Saturday 10 November in Kuwait City, during the celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary of the Arab emirate’s constitution, in the presence of the Country’s highest political and institutional authorities. Over 2 million people watched a breath-taking pyromusical and multimedia show that aimed to solemnly commemorate the most important phases and symbols of the emirate’s history.

Parades with flying fish, enormous projections on sails and gigantic cubes of light rising from the waters of the sea, the sky was flamed by an incredible flight of airplanes with fiery wings and kites in the shape of falcons, a perfect interplay between fire, lights and music along five kilometres of seafront for a show like never seen before. The figures are impressive too: over three hundred technicians, thousands of tons of material, aircraft, cargo ships and containers arriving from all over the world.

A titanic effort for sixty minutes of fire in a show divided into five phases: Heritage, Pride, Freedom, Constitution and Prosperity.  Saturday’s show was not just a magnificent display, but also the longest line of fireworks with the highest number of pontoons and craft in the water (251) to fire the fireworks themselves.




Piero Cozzi, (CEO of Filmmmaster MEA)

Tatiana Cadoux, (Executive Producer Filmmaster MEA)

Antonio Parente, (Co-Executive Producer of Parente Fireworks)



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