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GDI Has Officially Gone ‘BLOG’!

Our plan is to fill your brains with our knowledge, experience and all the juicy-creative-bits from our team!!

March 25, 2013 12:23 by

Nothing frustrates us more than bad design. Whether it is an office, hotel, restaurant, retail space… we believe all design should be fit-for-purpose, efficient, innovative and importantly support your staff and clients. After visiting countless poorly designed offices, retail stores etc… we have decided to create a BLOG!

In our Blog we plan to share all of our advice, inspiration, research and pretty WONDERFUL designs with you! We have opened up to receive questions and queries directly from you to us – and these will be answered by our expertise as quickly as our fingers will type!

This isn’t at all bore and yawn though… it will be filled with inspirational quotes, facts, images. You may even pick up an idea or two !!

Please contact us on: 043885967 [email protected] for more information on how we can help change your workplace for the better!!!


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