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GDI Inspiring a New Type of Design and Fit-Out in the Middle East

GDI at work

After 3 months in charge GDI's new General Manager is changing the way the region designs and delivers interior projects.

December 10, 2012 9:16 by

The new general manager of GDI – Gavin Phillips is bringing structure and innovation to our interior design and fit-out process. We are taking learning’s from all walks of life including Heston Blumenthal’s cooking, Toyota’s lean manufacturing process, the elegance of Aston Martin and Grace Coddington’s approach to fashion and creativity.

We have just appointed a new Head of Design from the US who has brought an artist’s creativity to lead our design team, and a new award winning Head of Projects from the UK who has delivered projects throughout Europe and the GCC. Together GDI has created a whole new approach and you are guaranteed a great experience from the first meeting, right through to completion.

Our design and construction processes are aimed at delivering maximum innovation, but also complete simplicity. We work not only with consultants but with business people (who’s day to day jobs have nothing to do with interior design or fit-out), so we have put together a number of processes so that people understand what we are doing, why we are doing it and how. Whether our clients are a complete layperson or a global consultant, we make it very easy to work with GDI.

“Delivering Great Spaces for Great Companies” is GDI’s motto and we strongly believe we can change the face of Dubai’s interiors for the better.

After taking over GDI and arriving from the UK I wanted to get an understanding of the market and the GDI team. There was definitely something missing with both. Work-spaces seemed to lack intelligence in delivery and design. GDI now insures we understand our clients people and process’. This allows smooth design and delivery on time and on-budget. Says the new general manager.

Gavin is very excited to be on board with the group and looks forward to developing GDI as a company, into a multinational service provider for Western companies. He insists that his designers do not produce generic off the shelf design. This will be achieved by introducing a multi stage thought and brief taking process to deliver “the perfect space.”

Please contact GDI on 04 388 5967 to see how we can help turn your workplace into an environment that can not only attract and retain the best staff, but also the best clients.

GDI has recently undertaken a major re-brand and restructured the organisation; our website is currently under construction.

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