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Giordano Supports Dubai Autism Center

Students had heartwarming live performances before their parents, mentors and special guests.

June 14, 2010 3:38 by

Dubai, UAE, June 13, 2010 – Giordano, the leading retailer, stepped up to support the Dubai Autism Center and its students in showcasing their talents during the first-ever end of year celebration concert titled “A Day at DAC” held at the auditorium of Al Noor Training Center for Children with Special Needs.

Students had heartwarming live performances before their parents, mentors and special guests. With the display of their talents, students have demonstrated that children with Autism can overcome their difficulties especially since they are sensitive to surroundings such as sound, light, being in a crowd and others.

Performers as well as DAC staff wore shirts provided by Giordano which had prints of the special artworks done by the students.

Ishwar Chugani, Executive Director Giordano ME said: “Giordano is proud to support Dubai Autism Center in this endeavour especially as it encourages students to show their best and help uplift their spirits. It was a truly remarkable occasion and they have transformed our shirts as works of art. We congratulate the Center for the successful event and the students for sharing their talents.”

Dubai Autism Center used the concert as a means to show that children with Autism can work as a team and able to socially interact with the people around them. Through the show, DAC aimed to enhance students’ skills in following instructions, perform before a live audience and build their self-esteem by acknowledging and appreciating their efforts.

“Our students worked hard throughout the year and it’s but fitting that we show our community what great talents they all have. It is a proud moment. Also, we thank our partners, such as Giordano, for supporting us on this event,” said Lata Roddam of Dubai Autism Center.

Dubai Autism Center is a non-profit organization focused on providing various services for children with Autism and their families. The Center also provides information, support, advice and training to professionals and parents of children with Autism. Currently, the school is operating in full capacity providing individualized educational programs to 43 students.

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