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Graham – London


December 20, 2009 10:54 by

On the grid, on pole!

The Brawn GP Formula One Team’s 2009 season ended on an outstanding finish.

The historical double victory, drivers’ and constructors’ world championship titles, led Graham-London to celebrate this success with the same energy and vigour as shown by the whole Brawn GP team during the past championship.

The time has come for Graham-London to associate a pioneering and sporting time instrument to celebrate this wonderful ultimate achievement.

As mechanical art explorers and craftsmen, Graham-London has definitely met its team mate within top level car racing that is why this British brand wants to pay an unmeasured tribute to the Brawn GP mechanical experts.

Sophisticated, innovative, highly reliable and gutsy, the Tourbillograph Trackmaster G- BGP-001 is the perfect instrument to celebrate the Graham-London and Brawn GP team commitment.

Tourbillograph Trackmaster G-BGP-001
Limited editions of 100

Available in Black and White or Black and Yellow
(according to the Brawn GP racing colours)

The Tourbillograph is an ultimate timepiece which has been developed in the vein of Grahams “high adrenaline” timepieces. The idea was to put an exceptional time instrument to aid Brawn GP’s high performance. A new concept of Tourbillon, a new technology, two new patents, a new manufacturing process are the results of four years of unremitting endeavours to create such a masterpiece.

This radiant, uncommon Chronograph combines high-technological design and mechanics, to pay tribute to the Graham-London British heritage.

The automatic movement associated with the Tourbillon perfectly demonstrates its prowess.

The complete see-through construction is unique and provides a captivating look into the refined mechanism of the fabulous Tourbillon “machine”.
The off-centre construction of the Tourbillon has the advantage of being lighter and therefore more reliable with a better shock-resistance. The cage only weighs 0.485gr. and is made of 48 pieces. The high degree of precision is re-inforced with the unique “Coq” and upper bridge construction which are shaped in the tradition of English high- precision timepieces reminiscent of the 18th century.

The high frequency of the balance wheel is 28′800 alternations per hour. It permits an easier adjustment and a more precise running.

Without contest it is a new step in watch making science.

Our traditional touch of eccentricity added to the gutsy design and sturdy technique make the  development of this unique and innovative timepiece possible.

The double bridge construction on both sides, front and back, is more reliable as it settles the Tourbillon in a firm environment.

Moreover, the re-inforced Incabloc anti-shock system, including spiral, balance, escapement wheels and anchor, guarantees an excellent shock resistance that is vital for a sport Tourbillon with chronograph function.

This ingenious timepiece, representing Graham-London’s knack for living creations, pays tribute to the Brawn GP technicians and engineers. The brand’s technical skills and creation echoes the Formula One’s leading knowledge.

Graham-London is a privileged partner which has collaborated with the BrawnGP Formula One Team from its creation. We are delighted to join them in their development – hoping to break future great records.

Have you ever imagined wearing a piece of art?


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