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Health instructions to ‘Your Weight In Gold’ participants


August 20, 2013 10:45 by

As part of helping the participants who registered in the lose-weight initiative ‘Your Weight In Gold’ to reduce weight in safer and healthier way, Dubai Municipality has issued informative health instructions.

It will be imparted to the participants through health awareness tents set on every Wednesdays and Thursdays and through several other follow-up events to be held in the month of August.

The instructions warns the die-hard dieting and gives the best and practical ideas to shed the flab in healthier and safer ways.

The main points are as follows:

– One of the most common mistakes dieters make is to eat a vegetable salad with little or no dressing for lunch. You must add protein and little fat to help you feel full longer.

– Eating barley or high fiber bread for breakfast helps you avoid a spike, and then a drop, in blood sugar, which can leave you feeling, famished.

– To get rid of excess weight, eat balanced meals and avoid strict diets so that you don’t get bored. Don’t deprive yourself of certain foods for long periods of time and eat what you want in smaller quantities to avoid being too full at the end of your meal.

– The larger your plate, the more you’re likely to put on it. So serving your meals on smaller plates and chewing properly can help you eat less.

– Just take a bite of everything if you’re at a buffet.

– (Downsize Your Dinnerware) The larger your plate, the more you’re likely to put on it. So serving your meals on smaller plates can help you eat less.

– Keeping a big vegetable platter, maybe with some low-fat dip on the side in the fridge at eye level will encourage you to snack healthy and avoid the higher-calorie contents of your refrigerator. Several studies have found that we tend to eat more when food is within easy reach.

– Regular sports reduce the amount of fats in your body. At least walk 15 minutes 4 times a week. Make sure you have a straight spinal during walking to avoid belly fats.

– Using the staircase for 10 minutes equals 1 hour walking.

– Regular fair sports better than irregular hard physical activities.

– Drinking 2 litres of water daily helps clean your body and reduce the amount of body fats and your weight.

– Don’t drink while eating as this may cause larger food consumption than usual.

– Eat fruits instead of drinking juices. Fruits have fibres which fill your stomach whereas juices contain fruits sugars which increase insulin level in your blood and increase your hunger.

– Keep eating fresh vegetables to fuel your body with vitamins which help you maintain good energy and metabolism levels.

– Have 3 meals per day and eat only when you are hungry. Snacking is one of the main reasons of gaining weight.

– Fill your stomach with good food.

– Good sleep between 6- 8 hours helps your body lose fats easily.

Dubai Municipality has announced two hotline numbers at which participants can contact with health and medical experts. To educate them how to reduce weight through best exercise and life styles the organizing committee has planned Open days in three locations where they will be instructed and advanced by health experts.

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