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Imaging Solutions brings their entire range of products, already generating revenues of over two billion dollars per year, to the Middle East

Lucrative value added photo opportunities hit the Gulf region

April 27, 2009 12:00 by

Imaging Solutions, the worldwide leader of high-speed photofinishing systems and the number one supplier of image enhancement software, offers their entire range of machines designed to create value added photo products to customers based in the Middle East. With international combined revenues of two billion dollars per year, Imaging Solutions provides Middle East companies with an opportunity to increase earnings while expanding their service offering.

Imaging Solutions designs and engineers complete systems which turn photo images into value added photo products. These products include professional and home user photo books, personalized calendars, memorable greeting cards and individualized posters, are quickly capturing the attention of photo enthusiasts. Value added photo products are the perfect way to preserve and relive life’s finest moments!

Photo books, the latest fashionable value added photo product, turn digital or analog images into professional custom designed keepsake. Unlike traditional albums which add photos into a generic book, photo books are printed individually with the images on the paper itself.



Photo book displaying the Imaging Solutions flat binding system

Imaging Solutions system features an impressive flat binding system which means that landscape photos can be shared across a two page spread. Photo books, and all other value added photo products created with Imaging Solutions systems, are printed on quality photo paper, ensuring impressive print results comparable to actual print photos.

The stunning results achieved through the Imagining Solutions system can be traced back to the machines and processes put in place. Designed and produced in Switzerland, Imaging Solutions machines composed a five step process: input; software; printing; processing; post-processing.

Input, the first step in the process, uses cutting-edge technology to enter digital or analog data into the system via film, CD or memory stick. Software, engineered with over thirty years of expertise, features image enhancement, easy integration, and is compatible with all work systems. High-speed printers produce images on real photo paper, further enhancing image quality while providing unmatched reliability.

High performance paper processers work with both digital and analog systems and feature optimal integration into any work system.  Post-processing packaging, sorting and cutting requires little man-power.

All Imaging Solutions machines can be adjusted and customized in an existing workflow and according to product volumes produced. 



Photo books worldwide

With photo books emerging as one of the fastest growing consumer markets, the business opportunities available for companies producing photo books are phenomenal. Photo book projections for 2009 and 2010 almost double 2008 production. The Imaging Solutions systems, already available in Europe and North America, have combined annual revenues of two billion dollars. In addition to providing businesses with an innovative and attractive service, Imaging Solutions offers companies an important method of increasing their revenue, which is more important now than ever before.

“We are pleased to bring our entire range of machines to the Middle East,” begins Rainer Bauer, CEO Imaging Solutions. “Proven success in Europe and North America creates an optimistic outlook for market development in Dubai and the entire region. With both photos and technology playing such an important role in our lives, it is fantastic to see what these combining these two fields can bring.”


Technical details

Imaging Systems uses a color management system (RGB color gamut) and quality photo paper which guarantees stunning color and impressive results.


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