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Imdaad succeeds in its review of ISO certification

Imdaad, the leading provider of integrated facilities management solutions in the UAE, has endorsed its focus on best practice and standards in safety and sustainability by successfully passing the rigorous review of its ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2000, and OHSAS 18001:1999 certifications, thereby creating a procedural framework that will help support the company’s international expansion plan.

July 22, 2013 2:14 by

The periodic review is a clear testament of its unwavering commitment to international standards and strict compliance with environmental management systems, quality management systems and health and safety measures.

The Norway-based DNV Classification Agency, the specialist global entity in auditing the compliance with ISO specifications, carried out an extensive assessment of all certifications including the Environmental Management mechanism through which the environmental performance of the departments affiliated to Imdaad is followed up and improved.

The registered standard is an assurance that customers receive the same level of efficiency from Imdaad, regardless of their requirement or locality. As Mahmoud Rasheed, Director of Operations at Imdaad says, it helps build a foundation for Imdaad to realize its expansion plans:

“This achievement, which is accredited by the highest international entity responsible for the implementation of the quality aspects in global businesses and government entities, is a strong motivation for us to press ahead with the implementation of our strategy tailored towards offering best-in-class services to our clients, enhancing the profile of our leading company at the local & regional levels, and embarking on a worldwide expansion at a later stage.

“Clearing the periodic assessment of the ISO certification is of no less importance than obtaining it in the first place, as maintaining compliance ensures our innovations, business developments and value-added services are also performing to recognised standard in environmental management, health and safety.”

Jamal Lootah, CEO of Imdaad added: “This achievement is conclusive evidence that Imdaad is enhancing the facility management cycle aligned with world-class requirements; which will contribute to raising the caliber of this industry, fostering top-class practices to maintain a sustainable environment, and optimizing the use of energy sources through modern and more efficient techniques to avoid waste.

“Imdaad will continue to care for the health and occupational safety, maximize the efficiency of its performance in securing the work environment, and showcase its ability in this field through adopting effective controls to cope with risk, which conform to the policy & objectives of safety & occupational health adopted by the company,” said Lootah in a concluding remark.

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