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Join THE One in the Fight against Child Hunger

Did you know that a child dies of starvation every five seconds? Take action! By purchasing an eco-friendly FEED bag, available exclusively at THE One, you'll be supporting the United Nations World Food Programme's School Feeding projects.

December 29, 2009 12:00 by



Appallingly, almost 400 million children worldwide go to bed hungry every night and over 77 million children do not attend school (60% of which are girls). However, research shows that when children are offered free school meals attendance increases by 100%.


Statistics such as these inspired Lauren Bush and her partner Ellen Gustafson to found FEED Projects LLC, which aims to feed hungry children through the sale of its bags and bears. Made of high quality, 100% organic cotton and burlap, FEED bags are not only ‘tote-ly’ cool accessories but have a mighty mission – putting an end to child hunger and breaking the poverty cycle. While money raised from the sale of a FEED 1 Bag will provide school meals for one child for a year through the UN World Food Programme (WFP), each FEED 100 Bag purchased will enable the WFP to supply 100 school meals to hungry children in Rwanda.


FEED Projects also produce adorable FEED teddies made from 100% plush organic cotton and burlap, which do their bit to beat child hunger thanks to a tie-up with Industrial Revelation - a non-profit organization fighting global malnutrition. Should you buy Plumpy, the FEED 5 Bear, you’ll be providing five children with five treatments each of Plumpy'nut®, a lifesaving high nutrient paste proven to treat acute malnutrition with amazing success rates. Similarly, funds raised from the sale of Nut, the FEED 3 Bear, will provide three children with three treatments each.


Be THE [responsible] One. Make a difference in the lives of millions of children worldwide by putting a stop to child hunger with an eco-chic FEED Bag or cuddly FEED Bear, exclusive to THE One in the Middle East.


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On THE One:

Invented by Thomas Lundgren, THE One Total Home Experience opened its first store in Abu Dhabi in 1996. Today the brand is present in five countries across the Middle East. But THE One doesn't believe the world needs another retailer; they believe we need a better world. That’s why, intent on being THE [responsible] One, the company aims to be both magical and meaningful: inspiring their fans with seasonal Home Fashion Collections that are ‘Always Different, Always Limited and Never Expensive’ while Changing the World Together. To this end, THE One supports a number of local and international charities and takes every opportunity to employ physically and mentally challenged individuals. You can find THE One Theatres in Bahrain (Manama), Jordan (Amman), Kuwait (Kuwait City), Qatar (Doha) and the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah). Visit

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  1. mrs ag l elliott on January 21, 2010 10:52 pm

    I am interested in purchaseing the FEED Bag and Plumpy, the FEED 5 Bear and the FEED 3 Bear. to support FEED THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD PROGRAM. Please e-mail the size of the bag and the Bears and the cost for each of the items. WE highly support the FEED THE CHILDREN PROGRAM.



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