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Ketab Technologies Unveils its Innovative Interactive Solutions

Ketab Technologies, the leading Arab firm in developing interactive educational solutions, announced it will unveil its interactive educational solutions in Building Schools Exhibition and Conference BSEC, which activities will begin tomorrow, Sunday, in Abu Dhabi.


December 12, 2009 12:00 by

12/12/2009 AmmanKetab Technologies, the leading Arab firm in developing interactive educational solutions, announced it will unveil its interactive educational solutions in Building Schools Exhibition and Conference BSEC, which activities will begin tomorrow, Sunday, in Abu Dhabi.


The Arab firm, located in Amman, said it will dedicate its participation in the first exhibition of its kind in the region to shed light on its innovative artistic solutions; KETAB Engage Interactive™ and its role in increasing the student’s comprehension up to an 85% rate.


The 2-day event, backed by Abu Dhabi Education Council, aims at advancing the educational projects in the Middle East and North Africa. It also assists those engaged in the educational sector in uplifting and enriching it with modern educational solutions.


Ketab Technologies' CEO Khaled Kalaldeh forecasts that the new product would make a quality shift in the concept of modern education, especially since it exhibits unique features that meet the needs of class environment and enrich the learning atmosphere with more interactivity by the stimulation of the student’s five senses.


Kalaldeh added, “We have deployed our long and extensive experience in the industry to serve the academic sector and help it break free from the rigidity that has and is still hindering smooth communicating of information to students into a natural usage model, which is what we achieved with our interactive educational suit.”


Kalaldeh added “KETAB Engage Interactive™ grants teachers the ability to merge technology is classrooms to enrich it with sound effects, illustrations, and other interactive tools which would communicate directly to the student’s senses and deliver information with a certain smoothness that adheres to reason, as a shift from theorizing and ideation”, adding to the possibility of controlling the density of light shed on the board to focus the attention of the students on certain spots exclusively.

For time management purposes, the students no longer need to copy from the board; they can save the entire lecture on a flash memory and copy it in a later time!


It should be noted that KETAB Engage Interactive™ system comprises, among other components, KETAB Board ™ and KETAB Sheets ™, which are ultra wireless interactive sheet surfaces that allow teachers to facilitate lessons and control both the computer and interactive board with absolute convenience without being restricted to one place. To add more value content to the class, teachers can use the side tool box for additional applications such as drawing, writing and projection of still and animated graphics. 


Another major component of the new issue of KETAB Engage Interactive™ is KETAB Studio ™ 2.0, which allows writing and shape recognition. The results are a clearer and easier to identify shapes and writings, once they are projected on the board. Not to mention the possibility to reduce and enlarge the size of any object easily through the drag and drop command. On top of that, it can screen multiple videos simultaneously with commentary, too.


To render drawing geometrical shapes easier, the teacher can, instantly, summon the help of specific drawing tools such as, but not limited to, a protractor, ruler, compass, or polygons.


Kalaldeh noted that using KETAB Engage Interactive™ is not restricted to a certain subject or academic level. The board and sheets involved in the system ensure a tediousness-free atmosphere whether the audience is a university or an elementary school class.



About KETAB Technologies

KETAB Technologies Ltd. was founded in Jordan in 2002 as a creator of high-tech products designed the serve customers in all educational sectors, based on knowledge-exchange and human-computer interaction technologies. KETAB is considered today a pioneer & leader in developing high-tech products and technologies including its signature: Ketab Engage Interactive™. Headquartered in Amman, the company has a network of branches and distributors all over the Arab region, deployed to meet the increasing global demand and communicate with customer and provide them with the necessary know-how and technical support towards optimal utilization of technology.


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