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L’Oreal Professional Products Division launches its Hairdressing Business Development entity in the Middle East

June 29, 2009 12:00 by

The professional hairdressing market in the Middle East is a developing industry that is estimated to be worth a billion dollars at salon level and has been growing at more than 15% average/year for the last 5 years (more than 25%/year in the best salons).


Hairdressing is an art but salons are first and foremost a business – and to be successful in the long-term a salon needs to be specialised in marketing their expertise. The success of every salon is simple: skilled staff and well managed salons delivering high quality services at profitable prices to their clients.


For their 1st “Business for Development” seminar L’Oreal focused on developing management understanding to build more effective customer service - that will ultimately lead to an increase in the number of clients visiting and their average spend. These programs are developed in the Paris international headquarters using information and best practices from all over the world and then adapted to local specificities.


As customers become more demanding, competition is intensifying among industries to earn a part of consumers’ share of wallet. L’Oreal aims to establish a partnership with every salon. They look to develop hairdresser technical and artistic skills, but also to develop the managerial and marketing skills of the owner and managers.


This seminar took place in The Address Hotel in Dubai in the presence of 40 top salons coming from the UAE, KSA and Kuwait. All the attendees were very attentive to the speaker, Mrs. Nergish Wadia-Austin, from Jopirza Consultants, coming from the United Kingdom, one of L’Oreal’s worldwide consulting partners specialized in the salon & beauty industry. She has presented this same course in several countries around the world and has done it for the 1st time in Dubai on the 28th of March. She has always seen remarkable improvement in salons that have implemented the various tips presented in the seminar.  


L’Oreal will be offering further courses answering other needs that hairdressers and salons may have to ensure the industry continues to develop strongly.

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