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Leading international brand Maytag and Jashanmal Group unite to educate the society

“Dishwashers are surrounded by several myths. Finally the private sector has taken a step forward to educate Dubai consumers of its importance and how they would help the environment.”

July 7, 2011 1:27 by

Everybody needs to contribute their bit in protecting this fragile eco-system, of which we are a part. Jashanmal, Maytag and Finish have joined together to bring a Green Initiative to the public, and hope to make a meaningful difference to their lives.

Jashanmal believes in providing efficient home appliances, which make a positive difference in the consumers’ lifestyle. Jashanmal group in association with leading brand Finish, have initiated an awareness Eco Friendly drive amongst various residential buildings, corporate and associations, with its renowned brand Maytag. This drive hopes to educate the residents of Dubai on how one can conserve water by using a dishwasher.

According to Jashanmal representative, Mr. Ram  ‘We decided to have this green initiative in order to create awareness among people, as the dishwasher is still surrounded by many myths and its advantages –   not only to the consumer, but to the environment as well , are many !  Our Maytag Dishwasher consumes only 11 lt of water in the eco mode, whereas the same load of dishes washed by hand will consume 40 lts of water!

Jashanmal have been the sole agents for Maytag and are very excited to be launching the new range of MAY TAG dishwasher, as it is smartly designed suiting all home kitchens, and lifestyles. The Maytag Dishwasher comes in built with the Jet Pro Clean system, which targets the toughest stains in every corner and cleanses all sizes of utensils with ease. The Maytag Dishwasher also delivers utmost standards of hygiene due to the high temperatures it can reach, making it safe to sterilize even baby bottles with ease!

Jashanmal came up with this strategy of directly reaching out to the public, because they felt that the consumers in Dubai are more comfortable in believing what they see and feel. A fun filled script of “Myth” and “Truth” is acted in front of residents who are educated about why dishwashers are better than traditional washing methods .The various advantages of a dishwasher, such as hygiene, saving on water and energy, and convenience are highlighted in this road show.

Jashanmal has also been actively featuring this activity in various associations and clubs.

Dubai- is a compound of many cosmopolitan families who believe in entertaining not only on weekends but weekdays. The usage of water and electricity is high, in this part of the region hence it is important for people to understand that a  onetime investment of this home appliance is required,  to not only save water for our future but to also save time and costs that would be spent purchasing liquid soaps and fighting dirty loads. The returns one gets on our health is priceless!

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