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“Learn Book” unveils interactive electronic library project

learn book

Targeting institutions, projects makes available infinite number of books, researches for all educational levels, featuring outstanding characteristics.

October 29, 2013 12:35 by

To promote the concept of e-libraries at universities and academic institutions, the Learn Book Company has unveiled its e-library, which features innovative and interactive tools designed to take the educational system in the  region to the next level.

The launch of the project will took during the company’s participation in the First Arbitrated International Libraries Conference under the theme: “Libraries and Information Centers in a Changing Digital Environment”. The event is organised by Al-Balqa Applied University and the Jordan Library and Information Association of Jordan at the Royal Cultural Center. It started Tuesday, the 29th of October, and will conclude on Thursday at the Royal Cultural Center, with support from the Ministry of Higher Education’s Scientific Research Fund.

Mr. Hassan Ismail, chairman of the Learn Book Company’s board of directors, said that the conference is the most appropriate venue for the launch of the e-library project due to its identity, timing and participants, adding that the project would herald a new digital era in the educational process and research in the Arab world. The project, he said, will put at the disposal of students and researchers a finite number of books and research sources, with outstanding characteristics.

He explained: “The e-library enjoys five interactive features, most notably is that the process of searching for sources will not be confined to the title and author as is the case in the process of traditional search.  It will go beyond that to every single word in the content of the book, and this would make the search process much easier and convenient and will reflect positively on the process of learning and research in general”.

“The second feature,” he added, “is that the books included in the library are interactive, as the reader can comment on any book and share it with others. Subsequently, the process will take a new turn involving more dissemination of knowledge and greater attention from the youth sector, which will be further motivated towards learning and meaningful scientific discussions”.

For more practicality of the process, the e-library system allows the author to continuously update his or her book and issue new editions. More, the system protects copyrights of the author, the publishers and universities in many ways.

One of the advanced features of the e-library is that it is capable of curbing the chaos of plagiarism as none can cite any part of the digitally published book or research paper without giving it the deserved attribution. This ensures the protection of intellectual property rights of the author, Mr. Ismail explained.

Mr. Ashraf Nairoukh, Learn Book’s CEO, commented: “As it is clear from the characteristics that distinguish the e-library project, we can say we are at the threshold of a new world in the process of learning, teaching and transfer of knowledge. We can imagine the nature of this world when students are ensured access to a huge amount of research papers and an unlimited and constantly growing number of books and researches through an innovative search mechanism, while the rights of each party are guaranteed.”

He stressed that the project targets the corporate sector, as the Learn Book seeks to establish partnerships with universities, schools, publishing houses and research and studies centers. He pointed out that the techniques of electronic publishing and archiving are among of the key topics to be discussed at the three-day conference. Participants, who represent several Arab countries, will review success stories in this field at the regional level, he noted.

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