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Learn Steve Jobs’ Presentation Techniques Course

Public Speaking Course Dubai

Public Speaking Course.

Three days, 21 hours of tutoring where the participants will have the chance to learn the techniques that Steve Jobs used to seduce his audience, bringing them into his “distorted reality field”.

August 5, 2012 3:29 by


Now you can learn how to give a presentation like Steve Jobs.

October 5th, 2011 was the day when the whole world mourned the death of the contemporary, controversial genius-entrepreneur, Mr. Steve Jobs.

Since then, millions of words have been written about his contribution to the computing and media industries, the impact his products have on our daily lives, and his multi-faceted personality.

Steve Jobs wasn’t an easy man to deal with. His desire for perfection wouldn’t let him compromise on any detail, and hundreds of engineers experienced the utmost humiliation when they couldn’t deliver what he expected.

This led to his legendary reputation as one of the toughest CEOs in the world.

Not everybody knows, however, that Jobs applied the same severity to his private life, to the extent that he even spent months deciding which washing machine would better suit his family’s needs.

Entrepreneurs, managers and professionals at all levels and from every industry are avidly reading his biographies trying to learn and model his leadership style; and while they focus on his managerial skills, many are overlooking the incredible impact Steve Jobs made on the corporate keynote world.

Apple Keynotes were literally “rock shows” with thousands of fans camping outside the venue days in advance to see Jobs onstage introducing the next revolutionary product.

And Jobs never underachieved; he always impressed his fans and turned them into Apple evangelists!

He was a master of creating plots and engaging stories where a villain (be it IBM, Microsoft, smart phones other than the iPhone) was trying to “affect our lives” and only Apple, with its liberating products, could save us from a predictable disaster.

Jobs was also very skilful at creating catch-phrases (long before Twitter made its appearance) that the press could report word by word.

On January 9, 2007 at the MACWORLD in San Francisco, Jobs introduced the iPhone saying: “Apple is going to reinvent the phone”.

The press just loved it and jumped on it! They didn’t need to create their own powerful headline – they could just use his. And when I googled the exact sentence today, July 28th, 2012, the research showed 3.160.000 results!

I have passionately analyzed Steve Jobs’ speeches and presentations to identify the common denominators that made them so great.

I have compared his style to the style of other world class speakers like John Kennedy, Barack Obama, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Daniel Pink, Ken Robinson and many others and always found the same common elements.

Passion, engagement, the ability to create images in the listeners’ mind and the ability to tell stories rather than give cold presentations are just a few of them. Moreover, I have identified the use of language patterns that – far from any industry jargon – appeal to a majority of people, touching their unconscious mind.

Steve Jobs’ secret was nothing but his obsession for perfection and hard work.

Corporate presentation guru Nancy Duarte (the lady behind Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth) explains that to reach Steve Jobs’s level of perfection in a presentation, one needs to invest up to 90 hours of  preparation for every hour of speech!

It has taken me two years, hundreds of corporate keynotes and training (given), dozens of international training sessions (attended), hours and hours spent watching and analysing videos and all my background in international business and as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) master practitioner and NHR (Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning) to put together the course Learn Steve Jobs’s Public Speaking Techniques with NLP.

3 days, 21 hours of tutoring where the participants will have the chance to learn the techniques that Steve Jobs used to seduce his audience, bringing them into his “distorted reality field”.

The course is interactive and challenging; each and every participant will have to give presentations in front of fellow attendees – and in front of a camera – and learn how to give and take feedback.

The course will take place in Dubai, on September 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2012.

Only 10 seats are available.

For info and booking visit   or call : + 971 4 455 8708

SELLING SKILLS EMPOWERMENT FZLLC,  Level 14,Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Emaar Boulevard, Downtown Dubai,  P O Box 334155  Dubai , United Arab Emirates T : + 971 4 455 8708 F : + 971 4455 8556

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