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Liftactiv CxP: a revolution in anti-wrinkle & firming treatments by Vichy Laboratories

A biological alternative to lifting procedures. Skin ages the fastest among all body parts. While many age-related changes are inevitable, some can be reduced with healthy lifestyle choices and good skin care. Liftactiv CxP from Vichy Laboratories, created through endless research to fight against wrinkles and loss of firmness is a new biological lifting range that can create visible skin transformation. Amazingly, with these products the skin becomes tautened and the wrinkles retract, progressively.

August 11, 2009 12:00 by

Vichy offers the Arab woman a new range of the 1st anti-wrinkle and firmness skincare with Aminokine to lift wrinkles on the outside, whilst pumping them up from within. It acts as a filter for skin’s support mattress. It is also the first pro-fiber skincare to fill out deep-set wrinkles using Fibrocyclamide that helps renew and protect collagen fibers.


Liftactiv CxP is rich in Pepide² and Vitamin C that multiply the cells responsible for creating new fibers. The Liftactiv CxP is a new scientific advance in the fight against wrinkles and loss of firmness with a direct action on the fiber-creating cells called the fibroblasts. This product range from Vichy targets fibroblasts deep within the dermis in order to more effectively combat wrinkles and loss of firmness.


With Liftactiv CxP, the challenge of Vichy Laboratories was to create more than just an anti-wrinkle and firmness product. Through this, Vichy has launched a brand new generation of skincare that will revolutionize traditional cosmetics. It has offered a biological alternative to lifting procedures.


Since its creation in 1996, Liftactiv has become the pharmacy reference for anti-wrinkle and firming products for women in search of a pro-health product that is both effective and gentle on skin. The last 12 years have been marked by major technological innovations, each of which has consolidated Liftactiv’s position as a pioneering pharmacy franchise.


The skin being body's only visible vital organ, Vichy Laboratories is committed to giving everyone a means to understand their skin, so that they can take care of it and make it more beautiful - every single day.






About Vichy:


One of the 10 international L’Oreal brands, the Vichy Dermatological Hygiene Company (SHDV) was formed, creating a new concept to produce hygiene products and dermatological skin care treatments. Dr Haller, the original founder of the brand, oriented Vichy towards scientific study of the skin’s physiology. For the first time, a segmented cosmetic range was designed according to skin type: dry, normal or oily, with dual demands: performance and tolerance. With Vichy, the fundamental cosmetology started to emerge. In the 1930s, in addition to facial skin care treatments, Vichy also developed a hygiene line, lipsticks, and lip pencils. Then followed tanning oil and an anti-cellulite slimming cream, in response to the rise in interest for leisure activities. Vichy released “beauty advice guides” which were offered to customers free of charge. Previously distributed in both department stores and drug stores, Vichy went on to opt exclusively for the latter distribution channel when L’Oréal took over in August 1955.


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