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Making millionaires by the week

National Bonds Corporation PJSC, the Sharia complaint National Saving scheme, continues to reward people from all walks of life and different nationalities with its latest series of weekly draws in September creating four more millionaires.

October 13, 2009 1:50 by

Dubai, 13 October 2009: National Bonds Corporation PJSC, the Sharia complaint National Saving scheme, continues to reward people from all walks of life and different nationalities with its latest series of weekly draws in September creating four more millionaires.

Bobby Thomas Koshy, a longstanding Indian resident of the UAE, who works in the tourism sector in Sharjah, had a hard time believing that he was one of the new millionaires of National Bonds for the month of September.

Mr. Koshy had to verify the information that he had won with various sources over a 24-hour period before deciding to share the “unbelievable news” with his wife. “I had always dreamt of winning a million and also being prepared for the call that will one day inform me that I had become a millionaire but honestly, when this call did actually come, I didn’t know how to handle it”.

Being a strong supporter of National Bonds along with his wife, Mr. Koshy recommends National Bonds as the perfect saving option, especially during the current global situation. The Koshys have not only purchased bonds on behalf of their three children but have also got their relatives in the UAE to buy bonds too. “My father-in-law is quite knowledgeable in financial planning and it was on his advice that we bought bonds and then we started recommending it to everyone else in the family”.

The other two millionaires that got lucky this month were UAE nationals.

Sarfaraz Mohammed is another Indian national who found his fortune in one of the draws in September.

Sarfaraz, who works as a business development manager at a Dubai-based IT services company, found out about National Bonds in February 2008 while browsing the internet in search of Shari’a compliant saving schemes. He lost no time in making his first purchase and since then, from time to time, he has been adding to his savings with National Bonds. In September he learnt to his great surprise that he had become the 56th National Bonds millionaire.

An elated Mr. Sarfaraz said: “While searching for saving plans, I found that National Bonds was the ideal choice because it is Shari’a compliant and is backed by the Dubai Government. I was excited about the saving scheme – this windfall is the icing on the cake. National Bonds is a fabulous saving option and I have been recommending it to my friends from the time I knew about it.”

Mr. Mohammed Qasim Al Ali, CEO of National Bonds Corporation PJSC, was pleased to hear the comments from the millionaires. He said: “The fact that they are not only involving themselves but also their children, relatives and friends with National Bonds, is ample proof that our initiative of highlighting the importance of adopting a saving habit has been understood well. I wish to congratulate all our winners in September for deciding on Nationals Bonds as the saving scheme of their choice, and the best way to protect their lifetime savings.”

Over 60 people have become millionaires by simply saving in National Bonds, and adopting the concept of saving. National Bonds are available for purchase in nearly 500 outlets nationwide for more information visit our website at or by calling the toll free number 800-BONDS (26637).

About National Bonds Corporation PJSC:

National Bonds Corporation PJSC was launched in March 2006. The Government of Dubai (Investment Corporation of Dubai) holds a 50 per cent ownership in the company with each of its shareholders, comprising Dubai Bank, Dubai Holding and Emaar Properties, holding 16.6 per cent ownership respectively. National Bonds Corporation is Shari’a compliant, with a dedicated Shari’a Board to oversee all financial aspects, including product-related operations and investments.

In December 2006, National Bonds Corporation launched property development projects – “Skycourts,” the elegant and affordable freehold residential community in the heart of Dubailand, and Flamingo Creek in the Lagoons. In 2007, National Bonds Corporation launched National Properties, a wholly-owned, full-service real estate subsidiary that offers distinctive homes and lifestyle options to the multinational UAE community. National Bonds Corporation has invested in Taaleem PJSC, an initiative aimed at raising quality standards in the region’s education sector. It is the new brand for Beacon Education that aims to inspire young minds, and helps them identify and develop their passions and talents. National Bonds Corporation has also invested in BCS, a Strata Management company specializing in property management, Souk Extra the retail community shopping chain, and in M’sharie, the private equity arm of Dubai Investments.

About National Bonds:

National Bonds is the National Saving Scheme that provides UAE nationals, UAE residents and non-residents over the age of 16 with a credible, safe and Shari’a-compliant savings opportunity.  Minors can also own National Bonds, provided the bonds are purchased by the parent/guardian. Each bond costs AED 10, with a minimum purchase of AED 100; National Bonds can be purchased from over 500 outlets across the UAE, exchange houses and banks. These include Emirates Islamic Bank, Dubai Islamic Bank, Sharjah Islamic Bank, Dubai Bank, Al Hilal bank and exchange houses: Al Ansari, Al Fardan, Al Ghurair, Redha Al Ansari, Al Rostamani International, UAE, Wall Street, Lari, Orient, , Sharaf and Habib Exchange Company. National Bonds can also be purchased online at or call Toll Free 800-BONDS (26637). National Bonds awards 101 prizes every week, of amounts ranging between AED1 million, AED10,000, AED5,000, AED1,000 and AED500. This amounts to an impressive AED1,155,000 in total prize money awarded each week.

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