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Meta Byte introduces Secure, Private Cloud Style File Sharing

Salil Dighe, Managing Director at Meta Byte Technologies

Meta Byte Technologies offers a unique solution to secure Private Cloud Style File Sharing using existing enterprise infrastructure

February 19, 2013 10:56 by

Leading solution provider in the region, Meta Byte Technologies today unveiled a new unique solution that gives enterprises the ability to provide an alternative to cloud-based file sharing solutions which is not only secure but also easy to use, at a fraction of the cost of moving data to the cloud. Enterprises no longer need to manage an additional user directory, or manage a different set of permissions.

This unique solution is powered by DatAnywhere from Varonis, which automatically synchronises files securely from corporate file shares to and from remote employee laptops and devices. It then authenticates the data with corporate directory services and gives employees the ability to securely share files with each other as well as with external partners.

Varonis DatAnywhere translates legacy LAN protocols (CIFS) into a secure, web-optimised protocol (HTTPS) via a dynamic, scalable data-routing infrastructure that facilitates https access and block-level syncing with remote devices. All DatAnywhere components reside within corporate network and run on standard enterprise servers. They can be installed on a single virtual node for small environments, or be distributed to scale to an enterprise with many file servers/NAS devices in many locations.

The key features of this solution allow enterprises to:
• Create a secure private cloud experience using the existing file sharing infrastructure
• Keep all data on their corporate file servers
• Keep existing permissions intact (e.g., NTFS and Active Directory)
• Provide secure, enterprise-capable file synchronization and mobile device access
• Control speed, availability, and security

“Cloud-based solutions are steadily improving but still large numbers of enterprises in the region are finding it hard to collaborate between partners, customers and employees across the corporate firewall, without sacrificing security, availability and manageability. Now with this solution enterprises can instantly transform their corporate infrastructure into a secure cloud-like file synchronization platform at a minimal cost,” said Salil Dighe, Managing Director at Meta Byte Technologies.

About Meta Byte Technologies:
Meta Byte Technologies is a next generation technology solution provider, offering best of the breed technology platforms to deliver world class solutions to its customers spread across various geographies.

Headquartered in Dubai Internet City, the hub of Technology in the Middle East, Meta Byte Technologies is led by set of professionals with decades of industry experience and is well equipped with market knowledge, technical skill-sets, innovative thinking, as well as dedicated support team in association with technology innovators to deliver value for its customers hailing from various parts of world. For further details please visit us at

About Varonis
Varonis is the leader in unstructured and semi-structured data governance software. Based on patented technology and a highly accurate analytics engine, Varonis solutions give organizations total visibility and control over their data, ensuring that only the right users have access to the right data at all times from all devices, all use is monitored, and abuse is flagged.

Varonis makes digital collaboration secure, effortless and efficient so that people can create and share content easily with whom they must, and organizations can be confident their content is protected and managed efficiently.

Voted one of the “Fast 50 Reader Favorites” on, and winner of the SC Magazine Innovation, Product or Service of the Year, and Best Network Security Awards, Varonis has more than 4,500 installations worldwide and is headquartered in New York, with regional offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Varonis, the Varonis logo, DatAdvantage®, DataPrivilege® and the IDU Classification Framework® are registered trademarks of Varonis® Systems in the United States and/or other countries and Metadata Framework™, DatAnywhere™, and Data Transport Engine™ are under a registration process in the United States and/or other countries. All other product and company names and marks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners and are mentioned for identification purposes only.

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