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Reducing risk, cutting costs and profits are more important to an insurance company than the customer
Insurance companies in the region are as professional as in other more developed markets
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Do you trust your insurance provider?
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Meta Byte to Lower the Cost of Authenticating Remote Users in the region by up to 80%

Salil Dighe, Managing Director at Meta Byte Technologies

Meta Byte Technologies to offer Ultra-Secure Two Factor Authentication solutions to protect against Weak & Static Password Vulnerabilities in the region


November 25, 2012 3:20 by

Leading solution provider, Meta Byte Technologies today announced that it has inked a deal to license Mi-Tokens’ Two Factor Authentication engine so they can significantly lower the cost of authenticating remote network users in the region.

Austin, Texas based Mi-Token Inc is a leader in the Web 2.0 Authentication space that delivers ultra-secure authentication at Saas Price Levels , leveraging existing client infrastructure and phone assets to rapidly secure Applications, Payments, Passwords & Employees.

Salil Dighe, Managing Director at Meta Byte Technologies said, “We are excited to work with this new way of helping companies protect themselves from weak and static password attacks which are very common in the region. After researching the sector over the last six months, we selected Mi-Token because its architecture allows us to easily integrate it with existing infrastructure on client sites whether those sites employ 50 or 500,000 users.  Mi-Token is designed to be much easier to manage and roll out and this can be done in less than one hour & does not require proprietary console servers & hard tokens to be installed and managed.”

“Mi-Token provides the best user and administrator experience by simplifying and making authentication transparent & easy for the user. The tight integration with Active Directory allows this ultra-secure solution to be deployed in minutes & managed easily by non-specialist IT staff.” said John Nolan, Senior VP Sales & Marketing at Mi-Token, Inc.

Mi-Token redefines two factor authentication for enterprise, mobile & cloud users by providing; Simplicity of management, roll out and deployment, Large savings in the ongoing cost of ownership, cost of license, time deploying & managing this security layer. Typical savings of 60-80% can be achieved on market leading legacy two factor authentication brands and most importantly it provides Better Security – Mi-Token provides a FIPS 140-level 2 backed Seed Generation Option from within a Hardware Security Module. This provides more robust security options as keys are generated on site and no keys are generated overseas.

About Meta Byte Technologies
Meta Byte Technologies is a next generation technology solution provider, offering best of the breed technology platforms to deliver world class solutions to its customers spread across various geographies.

Headquartered in Dubai Internet City, the hub for Technology in the Middle East, Meta Byte Technologies is led by set of professionals with decades of industry experience and is well equipped with market knowledge, technical skill-sets, innovative thinking, as well as dedicated support team in association with technology innovators to deliver value for its customers hailing from various parts of world. For further details please visit us at

About Mi-Token
Originally developed by cryptographic specialists for the banking industry, Mi-Token supplies simple, secure authentication. Mi-Token is the first One Time Password solution that is truly token-independent. Open industry standards such as Time Based One-Time-Passwords and Open Authentication Standards (OATH) are utilized by Mi-Token with best-practices security approaches to deliver a secure, proven Two Factor Authentication solution. Currently in use by more than 10 million banking and Enterprise users worldwide, Mi-Token is a token-agnostic, flexible delivery solution that is easy to administer and highly robust in its level of security.

Mi-Token works seamlessly with existing token deployments, while significantly reducing the overhead and administrative cost normally associated with Two Factor Authentication.


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