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More than 100,000 expected to visit ADIHEX 2010

Poets from GCC to compete in describing “miqnas”

September 8, 2010 1:54 by

Abu Dhabi, 4 September 2010: In less than three weeks, Abu Dhabi will host the eighth edition of the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX), bringing alive UAE’s deep rooted traditions in an unmatched synergy of cultural heritage, environment conservation and modern technology.

The four day annual extravaganza, which runs from September 22-25, is set to bring together more than 500 exhibitors from over 30 countries active in hunting, safari, weaponry, falconry, equestrian and outdoor sporting equipment and technologies.

“ADIHEX 2010 promises to be an exciting episode in the history of this unique initiative pioneered by Abu Dhabi,” says Abdullah Al Qubaisi, Event Director of ADIHEX and Director of Communication department at Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH). “Continuing the tremendous success achieved in every edition of the event, ADIHEX 2010 will be even bigger and better. Due to soaring demand from global brands that are keen to participate in the event, we have expanded the exhibition space to occupy a total of eight halls at ADNEC”

“We are expecting over 100,000 visitors across all age groups and nationalities to visit the exhibition and witness the various elements that are integral to the UAE’s deep rooted traditions while examining the latest innovation in hunting, weaponry, falconry and equestrian technologies,” says Al Qubaisi.

Preservation of tradition and cultural heritage has been at the core of the event since ADIHEX made its debut on the world stage in 2003 as a unique event that combines conventional Middle Eastern customs with modern equipments and knowhow. Sustaining this theme, this year’s centrepiece attractions include a high-profile camel auction, an Arabian Saluki beauty competition, Nabaty poetry competition in addition to painting and photography competition.

Saluki beauty competition

Hamad Al Ghanem, Director, Registrar General and Breeder of the Arabian Saluki Centre in Abu Dhabi, a leading global practitioner and expert in Saluki breeding, who heads the team of ADIHEX’s Saluki-related competition says the competition is a way to preserve the pure-breed Arabian Saluki. “As one of the oldest and most primal dog breeds in the world, the Arabian Saluki has its home on the Arabian Peninsula and the breed’s history can be traced back 11,000 years,” says Al Ghanem.

“The beauty competition, is one of several initiatives, we, at Arabian Saluki Centre are undertaking to preserve the Saluki breed and the Arabian hunting tradition. The beauty contest is aimed at identifying these pure breeds and their Bedouins, and to provide them with the required technical support and medical expertise. For this purpose, the Saluki beauty contest is open to all GCC nations,” Al Ghanem says.

The contest will be judged by a specialized committee that includes jury members of local and international Saluki competitions. The jury will check the basic standards of the breed, such as the head, the overall structure, cover skin, movements and general impression.

Poetry competition

Another cultural feature retained for this year’s ADIHEX is the Nabaty poetry competition describing a bird, the loss of a bird, and poems on hunting known locally as “miqnas.”

“Our participation at ADIHEX has been a great success and we have received an overwhelming response to academic activities related to fishing, hunting and equestrian at previous editions of the event,” said Sultan Al Amimi – Director of Poetry Academy at ADACH. “There is a close link between traditional Arabic poetry and those types of sports. This exhibition presents us another opportunity to highlight the linkage between our heritage and our modern literature.”

Nabaty, which is closely associated with the cultural history of the UAE and the rest of the Gulf, witnesses wide participation from local and Gulf poets every year. The organizers have appointed a jury committee of leading poets and critics to choose winners in this competition.

The jury committee will conduct a thorough analysis of the poetry being presented by participants. The aesthetic structure of the poem in terms of language, rhyming and philosophical influences as well as expressions about “miqnas,” will be taken into consideration.

Painting and photography

ADIHEX 2010 will also organise a painting and photography competition to reflect art interests in heritage, falconry and horsemanship. Both competitions will pay a tribute to traditional fine arts, reflecting and documenting the lives of Bedouins in the past centuries.

“Organising such a competition aims to highlight the important role played by art in raising the environmental awareness and documenting equestrianism and falconry, which are a vital part of the region’s history and civilization,” says Al Qubaisi.

Each artist must submit a description and photographs of work, and a personal photo and CV, in order to be considered. A Registration form available at

The deadline for submission of entries is September 10 for local participants and September 22 for international participants.

ADIHEX 2010 also includes an auction ring where camels will be auctioned for breeding purposes.

ADIHEX 2010 is being held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler’s representative in Al Gharbia (the Western Region) of Abu Dhabi, the President of the Emirati Falconers Club (EFC), with support from ADACH and the Organization of the Emirates Falconers Club.

The exhibition is co-sponsored by leading corporate organizations including Abu-Dhabi Sports Council, Invest AD, HSBC, Bonyan, Wathba Stud Farm and Areej Al Ameerat.

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