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NYIT honors title-winning athlete

New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) has honored Jordanian runner Muath Khawaldeh for his excellent track record at the level of Jordan and the region.

May 14, 2009 12:00 by

New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) has honored Jordanian runner Muath Khawaldeh for his excellent track record at the level of Jordan and the region.

Khawaldeh came in the first place at Beirut International Marathon, in which contestants representing more than 50 universities in the Middle East took part. He also won the first prize in the Dunes Club race for universities.

NYIT Executive Chairman in the Middle East Dr. Mohamed Hussein said that the honoring ceremony held for Khawaldeh, an NYIT accounting student, was organized to reflect the university’s keenness to pay due attention to youth, encourage sports and spur Jordanian athletes to achieve more titles in all Arab and international events, representing both NYIT and Jordan in the best way possible.

Dr. Hussein noted that NYIT will offer excelling students, particularly athletes, the necessary support to continue their higher education, and facilitate their participation in local, Arab and international sports contests.

Khawaldeh, a 10km and 21km race champion, said his most recent participation was during the Dunes Club contest for universities on April 24. He said: “I came first among contestants from 50 public and private universities from various countries. Two days later, I was in Beirut to take part in the international marathon there, and i came top in the category of Middle East universities, recording a time of one hour, 12 minutes and five seconds. I came 8th among all contestants at the world level in the same competition”.

He added: “I also took part in the Red Sea International Marathon on December 5 of last year. I won the sixth place among participants from 30 countries”.

Khawaldeh also listed his participation in Jeddah International Marathon on January 13 this year, where he came fourth at the level of Asian universities. Previous achievements included the first place in Lebanon International Marathon at the end of November, 2008, where he came top in the category of universities and fifth among Arab runners.

“I also took part in the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon this year in the category of 21km, where I came 7th among contestants, recording the best time at Jordanian universities level: one hour and 11 minutes”.

Khawaldeh voiced appreciation for the support he receives from NYIT as part of its encouragement to excelling students and thanked Dr. Hussein for his personal support for students to achieve excellence in all fields.

The champion has recently received an invitation to take part in a training camp held by the Lebanese University for a week at the end of this May. The event is meant to train athletes to compete in the international Austria Ultra Marathon, scheduled for June 21 in Vienna. The race is considered among the most prominent European sports events. Khawaldeh is ambitious to achieve an advanced place in the below 21 category.


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