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NYIT organizes 5th Job Fair

New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) organized on Wednesday its 5th Job fair with the participation of around 30 companies in various sectors

November 22, 2009 12:00 by

November 22, 2009, AMMAN — New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) organized on Wednesday its 5th Job fair with the participation of around 30 companies in various sectors, including, food manufacturing, services, banking, construction, education and IT.


The five-year-old fair is designed to help NYIT’s graduates from the bachelor and Masters levels to find the right job. Hundreds of students from the university’s diversified programs and peers from other universities in Jordan flocked to the various pavilions of the participating companies to get acquainted with the available jobs and the credentials and skills required to take them.


The organizers said NYIT places employment as a top priority and relies on such fairs to provide students with the opportunity to get jobs with local and international firms. Besides, the event, they said, is a perfect venue for networking among the participating Jordanian organizations and their Arab counterpart, so that they can exchange expertise and cooperate in a way that serves economy.


It is worth a note that the last edition of the JOB Fair secured 100 jobs for graduates of different programs.


To render the event a success, NYIT provided the companies with all infrastructure needs such as PCs, fax machines and Internet connection, so that students can email their resumes.


NYIT, a non-profit university, has had a presence in Jordan since 2001 under an academic agreement with the Jordan University of Science and Technology. The university seeks to provide the labor market with highly qualified graduates. Currently, the university comprises three faculties: School of Engineering and Technology, School of Management and School of Arts.




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Established in 1955, New York Institute of Technology is considered one of the most well-established US universities, ranked in the top half of the 2nd tier of the universities in the USA that are recognized worldwide. NYIT has had presence in Jordan since 2001, offering undergraduate programs (school of Engineering and Technology, school of Management, school of Arts) and Graduate programs (school of Engineering and Technology, school of Management). The university seeks primarily to match between education and market needs. It supports research at the Middle East level, with research products discussed in specialized conferences and published in journals by international publishing houses.

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