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NYiT Speaks Out for Women

New York Institute of Technology NYiT celebrated Women's Month, shedding the light on the prominent changes in women's role throughout history.


March 31, 2010 12:47 by

NYiT Speaks Out for Women

Amman, 27 March, 2010New York Institute of Technology NYiT celebrated Women’s Month, shedding the light on the prominent changes in women’s role throughout history.

To lend the event its due recognition, Rana Husaini, Journalist and Women Rights activist, Rana Swies, Founder of Women’s Leadership Institute in Jordan, Professor Jacqueline Taylor Basker, and students from NYiT and Ahliyyah School for Girls (ASG) participated in the event.

The women’s history month panel began with Professor Taylor presenting pieces of art on women role’s development taken from the Jordan Festival of Arts, illustrating women’s presence and status in today’s world; occupying leading roles in several political, daily life, and other influential posts.

Accordingly, Husaini shared excerpts from her book “Murder in the Name of Honor,” tackling issues regarding the Jordanian women situation, referring to recent research and study findings.

For her part, Swies proposed ways to improve Jordanian women’s life via NGOs and other national and international programs.


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Established in 1955, New York Institute of Technology is considered one of the most well-established US universities, ranked in the top half of the 2nd tier of the universities in the USA that are recognized worldwide. NYIT has had presence in Jordan since 2001, offering undergraduate programs (school of Engineering and Technology, school of Management, school of Arts) and Graduate programs (school of Engineering and Technology, school of Management). The university seeks primarily to match between education and market needs. It supports research at the Middle East level, with research products discussed in specialized conferences and published in journals by international publishing houses.

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