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NYIT students win advanced positions in billiard competition

Students representing New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) Programs came top in a billiard tournament organized recently by Yarmouk Universities, in cooperation with the Jordan Billiard Federation.

April 25, 2009 12:00 by

Students representing New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) Programs came top in a billiard tournament organized recently by Yarmouk Universities, in cooperation with the Jordan Billiard Federation.

Layla Oweinat won the women’s tournament, which was held in parallel with a men’s competition, while Farah Najjar from NYIT came in the fourth place among female contenders.

The tournament, in which public and private universities took part, was aimed to build the character of participants, uncover the talents among students and supply national teams with new blood in the various games.

At the end of the competition, in which 100 male and female contestants took part, Yarmouk University President Sultan Abu Orabi presented trophies to winners in a ceremony also attended by the Jordan Billiard Federation’s President Hani Khoury.

Oweinat was selected a member of the universities team and nominated for the national women team.

For his part, Executive Chairman of NYIT in the Middle East Dr. Mohammad Hussein said that the university “gives extreme importance to student activities, especially sports events, as these functions provide a venue for communication between NYIT students and their peers in other universities,” stressing the importance of extracurricular activities.

He also highlighted NYIT’s keenness to encourage talented students in all fields and motivate them to exhibit their best through providing them with technical assistance and the necessary facilities.

In this context, he pointed out NYIT’s participation in the universities basketball tournament organized last year. He also underlined the support extended to NYIT student, Muath Khawaldeh, who participated in Lebanon International Marathon, winning the fifth place at the Arab level and 20th internationally.

Khawaldeh also competed in the Middle East Universities Marathon, which was held in November last year in Jeddah, where he came fourth among other students of different universities. NYIT also takes pride in other students excelling in sports, including Taekwondo champion Ahmad Jaberi and basketball national youth team member Ali Zu’bi.

NYIT, a non-profit university, has had a presence in Jordan since 2001 under an academic agreement with the Jordan University of Science and Technology. NYIT offers Undergraduate and Graduate programs. Schools of the undergraduate programs are: School of Engineering and Computing sciences, school of Management & School of Arts, while the Schools of the graduate programs are: Schools of Engineering and Technology & the school of Management.

The university seeks to match between the outcome of education and requirements of the labor market. It supports scientific research and at the Middle East level through ensuring researchers access to specialized conferences, periodicals and international publishers.

NYIT also works to open channels of communication between its students the mother university by providing students the opportunity to study certain courses at the university and has in place exchange programs involving teaching staff in all NYIT branches in the world.


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Established in 1955, New York Institute of Technology is considered one of the most well-established US universities, ranked in the top half of the 2nd tier of the universities in the USA that are recognized worldwide. NYIT has had presence in Jordan since 2001, offering undergraduate programs (school of Engineering and Technology, school of Management, school of Arts) and Graduate programs (school of Engineering and Technology, school of Management). The university seeks primarily to match between education and market needs. It supports research at the Middle East level, with research products discussed in specialized conferences and published in journals by international publishing houses.


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