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OOX Expands Territory with Official Kuwait Launch


OOX with the unique service that it provides will be looking to capture the imagination of the market in Kuwait with this launch and prove to be effective in Kuwait as they have been in UAE and KSA.

October 22, 2013 11:02 by

OOX is a leading digital media company that specializes in competitive online advertising monitoring, intelligence and creative ad bank services in the Middle East with focus on the fastest growing online ad spend destinations in the region such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and have now effectively launched in Kuwait as of October 1 2013.

OOX with the unique service that it provides will be looking to capture the imagination of the market in Kuwait with this launch and also potentially add to its clientele with the key online advertising data and intelligence which have proven to be substantially helpful in every which way to all their subscribers in UAE and KSA.

Looking at the market conditions in and around Kuwait which is a fast and upcoming market in the MENA region and based on the reports of the initial test data one can tell that that it was the perfect time for OOX to expand and do its launch in Kuwait especially as there is no other online media monitoring service that currently exists.

There has been a definite thirst for online media and advertising intelligence in Kuwait and the OOX tool ‘OOXmonitor’ will prove as a blessing for various stakeholders ranging from advertisers, media agencies, digital publishers,  media houses, ad networks, creative agencies curiously on the lookout for such detailed and valuable information.

It’s been a long and hardworking process but we are absolutely delighted with our extension on to the Kuwait platform as we believe our services will considerably help all the advertising and media firms here in Kuwait who are in need of vital competitive data for online advertising. We definitely believe that OOXmonitor will give our clients a competitive edge and better understanding of the market to make better decisions based on the findings which may eventually lead to cutting cost and increased revenue generation,said OOX co-Founder and managing director Fouad Bedran.

This launch may represent a new era of information for businesses in Kuwait who can use this service for better understanding of the various trends, brands and the overall market conditions. It not only aids many of the the business functions but also enables them to make improved decisions and take the next step based on the findings and readings of this unique tool that is ‘OOXmonitor’.

About OOXmonitor

The Service provides quantitative and qualitative competitive online advertising monitoring and intelligence across a multitude of websites, categories, brands and campaigns supplying the industry with the right tools to aid making well-informed business decisions.

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