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PI Worldwide Survey Reveals Leadership Development is Top Priority during Recession Individualized Communication, Training and Motivation Keeps Employee Morale High

The quality of a company's leaders is never more consequential than during times of crisis. PI Worldwide, a premier global consulting company specializing in leadership and sales development through data-driven insights, recently did a survey of 770 client organizations which indicated that leadership development was the number one priority, regardless of industry.

May 24, 2009 12:00 by

Companies with superior capabilities in the areas of leader identification, selection and development consistently outperform their peers on a variety of operational and financial metrics.

So what do the best leaders do best during times of crisis? Hamed Al Tamami, Managing Director of Future Match HR Consultancy firm in Dubai, and member of PI Worldwide, works with local companies Emirates NBD, ROTANA Group and Napco Group on issues ranging from recruitment and retention to sales training and coaching. H.Tamami offers the following tips to the executives he advises.

· Be Visible: Perhaps it is human nature to avoid difficult circumstances, but employees seeking re-assurance need their leaders to be fully present and accountable.

· Communicate with Candor and Confidence: In the absence of information, employees will create their own narrative of what is going on in a company. Good leaders proactively manage employee impressions by erring on the side of over-communication, utilizing multiple channels (e.g. in-person, emails, blogs, etc.) to keep everyone on the same page. Additionally, they do not try to “spin” people, instead striking the appropriate balance between being honest and forthright about a company’s challenges while giving employees a sense that there is a clear path forward.

· There is No “I” in “Team”: Many leaders make the mistake of trying to be the hero or savior during periods of business difficulty, centralizing decision-making and hoarding information, and taking everything onto their own shoulders. This approach can end up backfiring, as companies often need the diverse talents and commitments of all employees to survive times of organizational turbulence.

H. Tamami says, “During challenging times, executives are lucky if they have 18 months to turn a company around, and once employees’ confidence is lost, it is very difficult to gain it back. By using a data-driven, objective approach to communication and motivation leaders can keep their team performing smoothly and efficiently, while also discovering and developing leaders for the future.”

PI Worldwide has a long-standing history of practical and proven behavioral analysis-developing businesses around the corner and around the world. The Predictive Index (PI) is a managerial assessment tool that provides insight into the natural workplace behaviors and motivations of prospective and existing employees – resulting in improved hiring decisions, team performance, overall communication, leadership development and workforce productivity.

Developed in 2001, the SSAT is a proven diagnostic instrument that has helped hundreds of companies worldwide take an objective look at the strength of their sales force. Using a series of scenario-based questions to measure the five core sales skills required for a customer-focused and consultative sales process, the SSAT provides detailed insights into individual employee sales skills and specific areas for improvement, thus empowering managers to focus sales training initiatives for maximum impact and maximum revenue growth.

Customer- Focused Selling (CFS) is a highly customized training program designed to provide all the core competencies needed for effective consultative selling—with special emphasis on the particular areas shown by the SSAT to need improvement. The tailored, interactive format of the program ensures that participants gain the specific knowledge they need to consistently achieve better sales results.

To learn more about PI Worldwide, Predictive Index, the SSAT, CFS and other leading global management programs for managing all aspects of an employee’s growth and development across an organization, visit:,

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About PI Worldwide

PI Worldwide® is a premier global consulting organization specializing in leadership and sales development, focused on helping organizations uncover data-driven insights to create and sustain a high performance culture. Working with global organizations on critical business challenges from succession planning and employee development to selection, retention and salesforce optimization, PI Worldwide provides unlimited access to proven tools and learning programs, allowing business leaders to continuously uncover new levels of talent and value across the organization. Since 1955, PI Worldwide has extended a passion for understanding talent into the boardroom, providing the data, expertise and global support to build world class teams in over 146 countries, 61 languages and more than 7,000 companies – including many of the world’s largest corporations. Visit PI Worldwide at

About Future Match HR Consultancy:

Future Match HRC is a member firm of PI WorldWide, a global consultancy with more then
7,000 licensed clients cross 138 countries. Future Match HRC helps organizations align their people with their business strategies through a combination of insight, education and coaching. The clients, who used Predictive Index include: Emirates-NBD, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre,     Al Batha Group,  Gulf International,  AGMC-BMW Dubai, Rolls Royce, Skoda Automobiles,  Morris Mini Automobiles, Nissan Middle East FZE,  Nestle ME, Tetra PAK ME,  Kanoo Maersk, SABB, Spinneys, National Bank of Kuwait Capital, Landmark Group, Rotana Hotels and many more.

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