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Pro Art Gallery to Place the Spotlight on “Emotional Colors”

Art work by Elene Brindani- ‘ Jumping’

Three artists, three concepts of using colors, shapes, and spaces.

October 1, 2013 9:04 by

Dubai, UAE, September 30th 2013: Pro Art Gallery, the gallery that celebrates innovative art and collectibles is set to announce a new exhibition titled “Emotional Colors”. This dynamic and exciting exhibition will showcase the artworks of three Italian artists; Silvana Pasini, Elena Brindani and Elisa Brindani. The exhibition will open on Wednesday October 2 2013 at 7pm and will run till 26th October 2013 at the Pro-Art Gallery located in the Palm Strip Mall on Jumeirah Beach Road.

This exciting exhibition will illustrate and focus its attention on three different concepts by using colours, shapes and spaces. Their chromatic interpretation clearly states a translation of reality without abstractions.

“We are very excited and look forward to this exhibition as each of these artist have their own inherent styles and character and relive the authenticity of man and nature and have a gift to translate their passionate messages into works of art.” says Tatiana Faure, Director of Pro Art Gallery

Silvana Pasini loves the world of flowers, which is where she identifies her ability to translate her inner strength into delicate refinement. She also pays homage to nature, conveying different atmospheres of rare beauty.

Elisa Brindani portrays the delicateness of the female figure, the kindness of a detail and the sinuosity of a movement. She investigates and brings value to the female figure- through a harmonious use of colours which she has carefully juxtaposed with shapes and detailed precision.

For Elena Brindani, the horse has been is a key to understanding nature and its graceful appearance but the wild connotations also appears docile and gentle while living in contact with the other forces of the earth. Elena delves into detail, reproducing the image with almost photographic accuracy. Her decisive palette measures the shapes being conveyed, alternating colour, and playing with contrasts in a way that engulfs the viewer.


Silvana Pasini:

Silvana Pasini, who was born in 1954, started painting with the greatest of ease during her childhood. It immediately became clear that, not only did she have talent, but also a great passion that accompanied her to adulthood. She enrolled at the academy of fine arts in Bologna. In the meantime, what had started as a hobby had developed into an actual profession,from a small laboratory at home to the opening of several studios in different areas in Italy. Pasini prefers to paint flowers in all their variations and shades, from the nuances of one single petal to the play of light and shade of beautiful large english roses where the elegance of the compositions also stands out well through the impressive dimensions of the canvases.

Elisa Brindani:

Elisa Brindani was born in 1976 and from an early age, inherited her mother Silvana Pasini’s capacity for representing colour. After her studies she followed in the footsteps of her mother. In her paintings she always wishes to emphasize the elegance and grace of the female figure and has been departing from her mother’s style from the beginning by creating an evocative world with female figures. Whether they are ballerinas, posed individuals or simply details of overwhelming garments, they always bear witness to a lively and refined technique.

Elena Brindani:

After ending her education in natural science. Elena Brindani, who was born in the year 1980, turned her interest in nature into the pre-eminent family language. Painting, she first dedicated herself to majestic landscapes and then started focusing on the power of one single figure by placing it fully in the foreground. This is how her impressive horses started, sometimes represented strikingly in a proud portrait, at other times in full action during horse races or simply depicted in a sober fashion.

About Pro-Art:

Founded in 2010, Pro Art gallery is the brainchild of art collector Mrs. Tatiana Faure and is one of the first places in the Middle East where collectors can acquire artworks such as masters, lithographic prints and serigraphs of over 150 artists from 20 different countries. Pro Art Gallery offers an impressive collection of fine arts, selection of styles and mediums from one-of-a-kind paintings to affordable limited edition prints, sculptures to photography. Our variety of portfolio gives collectors access to a range of artists with the highest level of quality, integrity and taste within their chosen field. From acclaimed street art, to renowned masters or the showcasing of upcoming artist, Pro Art is your one source for Art.

Showcased artists include works by Carlos Nadal, Pablo Picasso, Fernando Botero, Damien Hirst, Marc Chagall, Tyeb Mehta, S.H. Raza, Banksy, Andy Warhol, Alberto Giacometti, Bernard Buffet, and many more.

Additionally, Pro Art Gallery has an in-house framing setup supported by certified framers and framing advisors using the latest technology and imported European frames.

For further details, please visit ProArt gallery located in Palm Strip Shopping Mall, F 21, Jumeirah Beach Road, Opposite Jumeirah Mosque from 10am – 9pm Saturday to Thursday or call +9714 3450900. For further information about ProArt Gallery, please send an email on [email protected]

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