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Responsible Business Quarterly Review

Responsible Business Quarterly Review goes in-depth on Middle East’s green building initiatives
and provides analysis on pressing CSR global issues

September 12, 2012 5:21 by

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Wednesday September 5, 2012 – Responsible Business™ Quarterly Review, the first specialized publication in the Arab world to report on the growing CSR and corporate sustainability dialogue in the region, has announced the release of its third issue, which presents an in-depth review of green building initiatives in the Middle East.

Under the title, “Green Building: Still Only a Dream”, highlighting the most recent trends, solutions, and benchmarks for building sustainably and catering to ecological shortcomings in the region, the special feature covers an in-depth review of available rating systems, current practices, major constructions, and reports from the region.

An in-depth academic evaluation of Bank Audi’s first “CSR Report 2011” is included under the title “Sorry Bank Audi; This is Not a CSR Report!” and offers a critique of the report by identifying missing information based on key criteria found in a professional CSR report and in comparison with international best practices.  Bank Audi is one of Lebanon’s leading banks, with branches across the region and in many European countries.

In addition to the featured story, this issue outlines how CSR education is gaining momentum in the region; cause-related marketing as an approach to engage consumers; the role of Human Resource managers in creating a sustainability culture in the workplace; the unexploited potential of microfinance in leveraging underprivileged communities; and the increased disclosure requirements on social and environmental practices by international stock exchanges to cope against risks, among other stories.  Global studies on the business case for CSR and major regional initiatives driving sustainability in the Middle East are also highlighted.

Full coverage of the CSR Reporting Training Course and Workshop organized by CSR LEBANON consultancy firm in July 2012 is also included.

“Responsible Business Quarterly Review is always striving to introduce key concepts and a knowledge-based content to our readers interested in an enhanced adoption of CSR in Lebanon and the region,” said Mr. Khaled Kassar, Publisher of Responsible Business.  “Through our in-depth coverage of global CSR issues and expert interviews, our publication is firmly establishing itself as both an informative and educational resource.”

Kassar added, “For years now, business has been reminded of its social and environmental responsibilities. Often business has responded by adorning itself with CSR badge-like programs resembling philanthropic gestures. However there seems to be a tide of change coming very quickly in some nations from Europe, to South Africa, to India that are looking into making CSR mandatory and others are soon to follow suit.”

The Responsible Business team is comprised of local and international journalists with a growing list of correspondents spanning the globe from New York, London, France, Germany, and the Middle East.

The publication is printed on 100% eco-friendly FSC certified chlorine free, bio-degradable paper (40% post-consumer certified FSC fiber, 55% environmentally friendly FSC fiber, and 5% cotton), proving the publication’s commitment to the advocacy of sustainable business practices in the Middle East.

Responsible Business is now available in all bookstores in the UAE and across the Middle East.



About Responsible Business

Responsible Business™ Quarterly Review is the first & only English publication in the Middle East specializing in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability, aiming to broaden and deepen the understanding of CSR by covering the latest CSR trends, initiatives, case studies, reports and expert viewpoints across the Pan Arab region.

Responsible Business™ is published quarterly by CSR LEBANON s.a.r.l., an independent consulting firm dedicated to developing CSR and sustainability strategies and reports, in collaboration with Responsible Business Consultancy Company in Dubai.

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