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Report Shows Over One Third of Middle East Organizations not Equipped to Tackle Cyber Crime

Simon Whitburn, VP International Sales at AccessData

Digital investigations specialist to highlight Cyber Intelligence and Response Technology (CIRT) solution at regions leading security event

February 28, 2013 11:00 by

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – 27th February 2013 -AccessData Group, a leader in digital investigations, cyber security and e-discovery solutions, today announced that it will be exhibiting and presenting at the upcoming ISS World MEA Conference being held in Dubai from 4 to 6 March 2013. The company believes that the Middle East is fast becoming a prime target of cyber crime and intends to raise awareness about this growing concern. According to the ‘Economic Crime in the Arab World’ report by PwC, 40% of economic crimes in the Middle East are carried out through electronic channels, which is far higher than the global average of just 23%.

Sophisticated cyber attacks in the Middle East, namely Stuxnet and Flame have conclusively proven that while anti-virus, IDS/IPS and DLP remain critical components of cyber security, they fail to deliver the type of comprehensive security necessary in the era of advanced persistent threats and exploits. Our interaction with government, financial, telecom and enterprise organizations in the region has revealed the dire need for proactive analysis and remediation of zero-day threats, hacking, data spillage and advanced persistent threats,” said Simon Whitburn, VP International Sales at AccessData.

We intend to arm government and private organizations with the tools necessary to fight cyber crime. With improved investigative abilities, these entities can collaborate to track and bring to justice those perpetuating cyber crime.”

AccessData will demonstrate its industry-leading Cyber Intelligence and Response Technology (CIRT) solution which enables enterprises to achieve continuous network monitoring, data leak prevention, PCI compliance, root cause analysis and real-time incident management though a single, easy-to-use interface.

To assist organizations to achieve such a strategic goal, AccessData has introduced its CIRT solution in the Middle East. CIRT is the first and only product to integrate network forensics, host forensics, malware analysis and large-scale data auditing into a single solution while providing enterprise-class remediation capabilities. CIRT enables government and commercial organizations to effectively address data spillage, external threats and internal threats, aiding incident response by providing the most comprehensive view into critical data.

This platform integrates network, computer and malware analysis and built-in remediation capabilities. It is able to audit thousands of computers across an enterprise for potential malware – even new and unknown binaries – as well as data leakage. This empowers an organization to take a more proactive approach to cyber security with the ability to detect the unknown threats which are missed by other security tools. In addition, the various teams responsible for network security, forensics, malware, information assurance are able to collaborate regularly and in real time. CIRT overcomes the handicaps of the traditional cyber security model to allow organizations to detect more, respond faster and remediate more thoroughly.

Mr. Paul Wright from AccessData will deliver a presentation entitled ‘Cybercrime trends, challenges and counter-measures’ at the conference. Commenting on the company’s participation at the event, he said, “The ISS World MEA Conference not only provides us a great platform to exhibit our industry leading solution, but also enables us to raise awareness of new and sophisticated cyber threats and demonstrate our company’s expertise in aiding organizations overcome these.”

Our partnerships with system integrators and other vendor organizations are seen as key to our growth in the market. We will therefore also use this opportunity to identify new distribution and technology partners,” Mr. Whitburn added.

ISS World MEA is the world’s largest gathering of Middle East and African Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Homeland Security Analysts as well as Telecom Operators responsible for Lawful Interception, Hi-Tech Electronic Investigations and Network Intelligence Gathering. More information about the event can be found at

About AccessData

AccessData Group has pioneered computer forensics and litigation support for more than 25 years. Over that time, the company has grown to provide a broad spectrum of stand-alone and enterprise-class solutions that enable digital investigations of any kind, including computer forensics, incident response, eDiscovery, legal review, IP theft, compliance auditing and information assurance. Its AD eDiscovery product, which is built on the industry-leading Forensic Toolkit® (FTK®) technology, is an automated, in-house solution that addresses the left half of the EDRM model. It enables litigation hold, identification, collection and preservation, processing and de-duplication, ECA and first-pass review, and then generates a load file for common third-party review tools. AccessData’s award-winning AD Summation legal review technology addresses the right half of the EDRM model and is the gold standard throughout the legal community, having received more than 45 legal industry technology and “Reader’s Choice” awards since 1997. More than 100,000 users rely on AccessData. From desktop and server applications, to hosted solutions, AccessData combines its innovative technology with market-leading expertise to provide the decisive advantage for Governments, Militaries, Businesses and Law Firms and Legal Departments, large or small.

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