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Reverso Squadra Lady, a multi-faceted feminine universe.

March 10, 2009 12:00 by


A major player in watchmaking history, Jaeger-LeCoultre is celebrating its

175th anniversary this year. The Grande Maison in the Vallée de Joux is

taking this opportunity to reread some of the finest pages in its ongoing

epic and to write some even more beautiful ones. The Manufacture has an

impressive range of world firsts, superlatives and legendary models to its

credit, including the Reverso, the Duoplan, the Master Control, the

Memovox Polaris, the Gyrotourbillon I and the Atmos. In 2008, around

1000 people mastering over 40 watchmaking professions and over 20

cutting-edge technologies will continue to pay tribute to the pioneering spirit of the House

founders by creating new masterpieces in harmony with the grand watchmaking tradition. In

2010, pursuing the multiple extensions around Antoine LeCoultre’s original workshop, Jaeger-

LeCoultre will welcome a new building providing 9,000 square metres of additional workshops.

Reverso Squadra Lady,

a multi-faceted feminine universe.

Two years after the advent of the Reverso Squadra for men, Jaeger-LeCoultre presents a

collection dedicated to women. The boldly determined appearance of the Reverso Squadra

Lady reflects a multi-faceted feminine universe: two faces, a fast and clever strap-change

system, a stunning array of materials, a classic design and the sparkle of diamonds. Equipped

with the latest generation of Jaeger-LeCoultre movements, these models combine the

signature Reverso Squadra features with a degree of refinement reserved exclusively for

feminine wrists.

Reverso Squadra Lady – the many faces of an obvious choice

Jaeger-LeCoultre wanted to offer women a Reverso Squadra collection embodying the

fundamentals of the iconic Reverso and its unique swivel, while also bearing the distinctive

characteristics of the Reverso Squadra line: a square case and resolute character, along with a

powerful and immediately recognisable design.

Designers, watchmakers and engineers set to work on creating a line perfectly tailored to the

specific demands of women fully prepared to use masculine “weapons of mass seduction”.

Nonetheless, they soon realised that a single model could barely hope to satisfy such a broad

spectrum of expectations. This naturally led to the decision to offer two lines with two case

sizes: a small size intended to delicately but firmly match the typical feminine way of wearing a

watch; and a more generously proportioned model that will appeal to women wishing to sport

a watch that catches the eye at first glance.

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